Binance Native Tokens are Now Used for Hotel Bookings at Xceltrip

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Announced on Twitter today, the native token of Binance, BNB will be used for hotel booking. It says that Xceltrip has 500,00 hotels that accept BNB tokens.
The tweet goes as follows;

Following the Tweet, Binance CEO appreciates the adoption, stating

XcelTrip is a new travel booking platform, enabling air travel, hotels, and vehicle rental services. However, the platform is also employing a cryptocurrency ecosystem wherein it claims itself as the “World class Decentralized Travel Ecosystem. Consequently, in late July 2018, the firm announced to accept seven different cryptocurrencies which were including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, NEM, SteemSteamSteam, Ripple, and Litecoin.

With the early adoption of cryptocurrency across the tourism sector, XceTrip is more likely to disrupt the travel industry. Based out in Singapore, the platform helps people book hotels using its platform. However, the firm has its own token called (XcelToken – XCEL) which has built on Ethereum ERC 20 platform.

XcelTrip is not alone in a race to accept cryptocurrency as a payment, rather there are international travel platforms that hit cryptocurrency mainstream. Few of those platforms are Travelbybit, AirTreks, airBaltic, ABitSky, CheapAir, Destinia, SurfAir and more.

However, there is no clarity regarding 500,000 hotels accepting BNB tokens on its official website. So what’s your take on BNB acceptance as a payment by new travel platform ExcelTrip? Let us know in comment below

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