Tron (TRX) Does Wonders In Bear Markets as Reaches 100 mn Transactions And Launches 39 Dapps

The crypto markets are at all-time low and a lot of crypto analysts are revising their targets for year-end expecting 2019 to be a better year.  But that’s not the case with Tron which is making every passing day of 2018 count for its best. Starting the second last week of 2018, Justin Sun banged two fantastic news on Twitter showing how fantastically the coin and the team behind it are working.

100 mn transactions in less than 6 months and 39 Dapp in just over a month

Tron (TRX) and the team behind it are working exemplary and giving some progression goals to its competing projects. While other projects are still struggling to keep up the pressure of falling crypto prices, Tron has just withered the storm with some excellent on ground fundamental developments.

According to the latest tweets put forward by Justin Sun, Tron has scaled to 100 million transactions. What’s more fascinating is that the project has taken only 173 days to do so since it moved out of Ethereum to its own MainNet.  This clearly shows that the MainNet of Tron is strongly built and that’s how the community Is believing in it.

It’s not just the transactional superiority, Tron has been mastering the Dapp ecosystem pretty well and quickly. With the Dapp market still dominated by Ethereum, Tron has already started challenging Ethereum.

With just over a month after launching its Dapp ecosystem- the TVM- Tron has already hosted 39 Dapp and is going strong to grab a few more before we head to 2019.

Although it’s too early to say anything, the way Tron is ‘stealing’ projects from Ethereum, looks like Tron is not going to halt before it takes the crown away from Ethereum I the battle of Dapp ecosystem. The current count of Dapp, project-wise, on DappRadar stands with Ethereum leading the race with 1311 Dapps, EOS with 222 Dapps and Tron with 39 Dapps.

Tron, along with EOS, is surely capitalizing on the problems Ethereum is facing with respect to scalability and congestion. With Justin’s vision and Team Tron’s commitment to the project, the project doesn’t seem to be stopping its progress anytime sooner unless hit by some major roadblock

Will Tron trigger the next bull run in the crypto markets? Do let us know your views on the same.

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