Francis Pouliot Blasts “Litecoin a useless Shitcoin while it Set To Sponsored At UFC Event”

The year has come to an end and the founders of major cryptocurrencies continued to boost the exposure of their respective coins. As such, Litecoin creator has recently announced to feature ‘LTC’s logo into the UFC octagon for the first time. Consequently, the same has been discussed on twitter which has been criticized by the founder of Canada’s bitcoin company, Bull Bitcoin. Claiming Lee’s Tweet, Francis Pouliot, Bull Bitcoin’s CEO calls ‘Litecoin a useless shitcoin and Charlie Lee the bad look man’.

The tweet reads it as follows;

Claims and Arguments on ‘Litecoin is a useless shitcoin’

With the latest announcement, Litecoin has officially tied up with UFC 232: Jones Vs Gustaffson which is slated for December 29, 2018, in California. The partnership with a mixed martial arts organization, UFC will feature the logo of Litecoin on the octagonal fighting canvas which will eventually boost the exposure of Litecoin. Nevertheless, Lee’s announcement took a negative string, appearing many crypto peers pointing ‘Litecoin servers no purpose’. Very soon, the tweet got to the eyes of many crypto enthusiasts where few agree to what Francis told where few denies explaining LTC’s potentials.

As against to Francis claims, one of the members of Litecoin community argued that ‘calling Litecoin a shitcoin is like calling bitcoin shitcoin‘. While relating litecoin with Bitcoin, he said that;

It’s a nearly identical clone but running scrypt. It can’t be dumped by saroshi. It’s CHEAP, it’s fast, fees are lower and it’s on every exchange… I get you Maximilist…but if 99% then 20 are left.

As such, the other supporter argued ‘calling LTC a Ponzi is the same as calling Bitcoin a Ponzi’.

On one side, the argument continued on social media, and the other side LTC is all set to receive great exposure from millions of viewers at the UFC event tomorrow. As announcement read, featuring LTC logo on the fighting ring’s canvas will likely drive mainstream attention from the peers who may not even familiar with crypto. Stay tuned to know what tomorrow’s event will add the value to LTC cryptocurrency with BitcoinLinux.

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