European Union Parliament to Consider Petition to set up Crypto Asset Restitution Fund

The European Union Parliament will consider a petition filed by a  consortium of victims, organizations, and companies seeking the establishment of a  restitution fund for victims of crypto fraud.

The victims represented by their lawyer, Dr. Jonathan Levy, have suffered losses exceeding €40 million.

The consortium includes:

Disabled victims who were repeatedly preyed upon by crypto scammers posing as brokers;

An American investor whose crypto wallet was hacked and nearly 1000 Bitcoins sent to a criminal “bitmixing” operation;

Several European companies and individuals who were deceived into investing in illusory crypto asset funds, nonexistent crypto mining operations and ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings);

And victims of the notorious crypto Ponzi scams such as: One Coin, USI Tech, and AXECC.IO and offshore online casinos and FOREX platforms that use cryptocurrency to evade anti money laundering and consumer protection laws.

They are joined by the English political party, the National Liberal Party, which has adopted an investor forward crypto protection policy of its own.

The envisioned crypto asset victim fund though administered by the EU could be funded by an unnoticeable  .0001₵ (one thousandth of a cent) transaction fee per €1 on crypto asset transactions whose daily volume exceeds  €75 billion.

The victims’ lawyer, Dr. Levy, urges all worldwide victims of crimes and civil frauds where cryptocurrency was involved to support the petition by first registering with the EU and then clicking on “support the petition” at the bottom the page. You will then be entitled to receive notifications about any further developments concerning the petition.

For more information:

Dr. Jonathan Levy

Attorney & Solicitor

t +44 20 8144 2479

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Post source: European Union Parliament to Consider Petition to set up Crypto Asset Restitution Fund

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