Video: Fed Watch — Economic Crisis Analysis With Lyn Alden

Video: Fed Watch — Economic Crisis Analysis With Lyn Alden

On the latest episode of BitcoinLinux’s Fed Watch podcast series, the hosts are joined by one of the great macro pundits of the last few years, Lyn Alden.

Alden has a fantastic grasp on the history of macro economics. In this interview, the groups focused on placing our current time into historical context, comparing it to previous cycles and economic crises so that we might take some lessons away. The show also continued its search for a definition of money today, and a deeper understanding of the role of money, inflation and deflation.

This episode also featured discussions about historical periods that most resemble today’s financial climate, the criteria to run the global reserve currency and the ability to transition to a multi-reserve currency world. The conversation compared inflation with deflation, examined the potential for the U.S. to run large deficits and Bitcoin’s role in the macro space. Bitcoin’s role in this macro space was also discussed, and BTC was compared to gold and bonds from an assets point of view. At one particularly engaging point, the group considered whether or not bitcoin could be disrupted and confiscated like gold.

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