Crypto Poker Group – World’s only Pandemic Poker Package now Live!

The Crypto Poker Group platform has developed some of the most competitive rewards available to cryptocurrency poker players in 2020. Every single month the platform offers their player base a multitude of incentives to keep them entertained and engaged.

The innovative Bitcoin/Ethereum poker platform has been the first to launch a series of poker benefit packages since early 2020 to aid players throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. These include lowering rake, increasing Rakeback, increasing tournament prize-pools, adding new deposit bonuses and extending freeroll giveaways. The aim is to create the most profitable Bitcoin & Ethereum powered blockchain poker platform in the world.

“It has never been more vital to support players in uncertain times and allow anyone a chance to have fun without worrying about their bankroll – right now it’s not the time to focus on balance sheets but rather focus on member satisfaction and positivity” – CPG Team

In November and December – the game network is set to launch the world’s largest online poker player offering ever.

Target based Rakerace Competition – Everyone can Win!

Unlike traditional Rakerace competitions where winners are announced monthly and are hard to compete in with high rolling players – the team have created a new format of Rakerace where the players’ bankroll simply does not matter. Players will be set a daily target and in order to win you must simply meet any target you desire. The targets span from as low as 0.005 BTC all the way to 0.2 BTC, each of which carries a nice daily reward.

50% Instant Deposit Bonus

Simple top-up bonus allowing any player 50 percent of their deposited Bitcoin or Ethereum to be credited instantly to their poker account. Players can make use of this twice per month and are entirely free to choose at which point they would like to make use of the bonus.

Cash Rewards for every 1000 Hands Played

Players will be awarded a prize for every 1000 completed hands with a variation of the prize amount depending on the table stake. Prizes can range from 1 USD for low stakes such as 0.01/0.02 mBTC up to 100 USD for upwards of 0.4/0.8 mBTC.

Jackpots for Premium Hands

Winning this jackpot could not be easier on Crypto Poker Group’s designated Jackpot tables. Simply hit a premium hand while playing and you will be awarded a prize as high as 500 USD for a Royal Flush!

Freerolls every Hour 24/7

Sceptics are free to try out the platform any time of day with both Bitcoin and Ethereum Freeroll Tournaments. Win 0.001 BTC and 0.035 ETH every hour!

More to come


– Altcoin Deposits!
– Spin-n-Go Games!


– Thanksgiving Rewards!
– Christmas Bonus!New Year Special Surprise!

Available on Windows, Web & Android

Join Crypto Poker on: Windows, Web-browser & Android. iOS and Mac apps are coming soon in early 2021.


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