Cardano is still the most heavily developed blockchain on GitHub

The latest data from crypto data aggregator Santiment has shown that Cardano is still the number one blockchain by average daily development on GitHub. With an average of 403 daily commits, Cardano has surpassed Ethereum with 369, Polkadot with 322, and Gnosis with 270. And with heavy work currently being done on Goguen and Voltaire, it seems that the blockchain is set to see even higher numbers than that.

Cardano tops GitHub development list with the highest number of commits

After achieving a massive milestone with the launch of Shelley at the end of July this year, IOHK hasn’t slowed down when it comes to developing Cardano. The company currently handles two parallel workstreams, developing Goguen, which will bring about smart contracts, and Voltaire, its governance era.

The massive amount of work that’s being done both within IOHK and by its other partners has put Cardano on the top of the list of the most heavily developed blockchains currently on the market.

According to CryptoDiffer and data aggregator Santiment, Cardano leads the way when it comes to average daily development activity on GitHub, recording an average of 403 commits in November.

Graph showing the top blockchains by average daily development activity on GitHub in November 2020. (Source: CryptoDiffer)

Cardano tops Ethereum by number of GitHub commits

Last month, when work on Ethereum’s second iteration, Eth 2.0, was heavily underway, the blockchain recorded an average of 369 daily commits. It was followed closely by Polkadot, sharing third place with Kusama (KSM), its Canary network.

Gnosis (GNO) protocol ranked fourth with an average of 270 daily commits, while the fifth and sixth place were taken by Status (SNT) with 191 commits, and Cosmos (ATOM) with 169.

While being the blockchain with the highest development rate on the market isn’t a small feat, this isn’t the first time Cardano has topped such a list. The ambitious blockchain has spent most of the year at the top of the charts regarding development activity, at certain points even seeing double the commits Ethereum was seeing.

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