Interview: Deglobalization, Dedollarization, Depopulation With Max Keiser

Interview: Deglobalization, Dedollarization, Depopulation With Max Keiser

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In this episode of BitcoinLinux’s “Fed Watch,” Christian Keroles and Ansel Lindner are back with an interview of the great Max Keiser. You do not want to miss this one!

Kaiser is famous for his eclectic behavior, loud outbursts and incredibly successful investing career. This one started off with getting to know Keiser’s background prior to Bitcoin. We try to answer the question: What was it that made him so receptive and able to understand Bitcoin almost immediately in its early days?

In true Max Keiser form, within the first five minutes, he fleshed out the very big picture stuff, placing Bitcoin into a narrative of human evolution and as a technology that’s redefining civilization. That is where we typically end our episodes, but Keiser beat us to the punch.

We spent the rest of the show trying to drill down from that very broad civilizational brush, down to specific macro topics. Keiser can cover a lot of ground in a two- to three-minute response to a question — things we touched on along the way were the metaphysical revolution of bitcoin, inflation versus deflation, China, China versus the U.S., and of course, more about how Bitcoin fits into the future. One of the most interesting topics was Keiser’s three Ds: deglobalization, dedollarization and depopulation. He spent a good amount of time going into each and laid out a cohesive view of the future. A bulk of the episode was discussing what 2021 has in store and where we are in a process toward his view of the future.

This is a very thought-provoking episode. It gives even the most hardcore Bitcoin experts food for thought, while giving beginners a window to the bottom level of the bitcoin rabbit hole. The listener is left with the impression that Bitcoin is more than a simple piece of software, it is human-changing technology.

This was a very fun episode. It not only tries to answer questions about specific macroeconomic issues, but also opens up minds to the potential that Bitcoin offers for solving these issues.

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