LOFT: the new approach to trading

Privacy is not an option, and it shouldn’t be the price we accept for just getting on the Internet.

Nowadays we are accustomed to the word globalization and we’re sort of aware it’s happening whether we like it or not. It has become very common to hear of stock market movements happening in some faraway countries, however what it’s not common is having the chance to take advantage of them. Even more common banking services are not really widespread relative to globalization, according to the latest report from the world bank one-third of the world’s adults lack access to a basic transaction account [1]. 

The recent advent of Bitcoin has been the first milestone for having globalized financial services with free access, by comparison creating a bitcoin wallet has less requirements than opening a  bank account. Most notably to create a bitcoin wallet one does not need any government approval, whether it’s KYC or a applying for a licence, the bitcoin cryptocurrency respects the owner’s privacy.

It’s in this historical context that some folks decided to provide advanced financial services worldwide via bitcoin and that’s why the new trading platform LOFT was born. The unique perk of the platform is to be very respectful of the user’s privacy by anonymizing them; this leads to a special offer of an advanced financial service (CFD trading) available everywhere and to everyone. Privacy is in fact the second ingredient needed to build the new generation of financial tools and indeed a very important topic, often downplayed even in the more developed regions of the world.

LOFT has recently opened the platform to the public and you can now sign-up without KYC, it offers leveraged trading of the most popular pair BTC/USD with leverage up to 100x. It also has a noob friendly interface because not everyone is an expert trader…before becoming one ;). This trading platform takes some serious steps to anonymize the user’s transactions: the account balance can be topped up and withdrawn only via Lightning Network, bitcoin’s layer 2. The usage of LN is a boon for the user, while being more private than on-chain it also makes transfering bitcoin instant resulting in a seamless user experience.

The project’s commitment to privacy doesn’t end with LN but they also support and encourage accessing the website via VPNs and TOR. Yes, because the more privacy increases, the greater the possibility of enjoying life freely by preventing prying eyes from using personal information for malicious purposes. LOFT wants to be the tool for financial freedom in which capital moves freely on the web without being chased and stolen by anyone.

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