TeraBlock Introduces automation into cryptocurrency portfolio management

A new cryptocurrency portfolio management system, TeraBlock promises to ease management of digital assets after being unveiled today.

Following a successful round of $2.4 Million, TeraBlock, is gearing up conduct it’s IDO on BSCPad on May 11th and launch it’s platform shortly after. The company aims to bring automation to crypto portfolio management in the digital space. The team behind its development claims that TeraBlock is the simplest solution for new entrants seeking to venture into the crypto space. Generally, there has been a scarcity of simple crypto portfolio management solutions for people yearning to enter the crypto ecosystem.  

Now, more people are looking forward to entering into the crypto ecosystem as the world is getting more decentralized. The cryptocurrency space —valued at over 1 trillion USD — has over 50 million traders worldwide. High crypto purchasing fees, high barriers to entry, and complicated processes are the most prominent things that have been a hindrance to most people who want to enter the space.

Bringing innovation to crypto portfolio management

WithTeraBlock, a user is able to manage their portfolio on autopilot since the platform is machine learning-driven. Through the mechanism, people entering the crypto space wouldn’t have to struggle to keep up with the price movements 24/7.

Terablock’s machine learning driven platform takes away the hassle an individual has to undergo when trading and managing a cryptocurrency portfolio. Hence, within the crypto space, Terablock claims to be the most advanced portfolio management tool that can protect investors’ funds against uncertain market volatility besides enhancing growth. 

Most importantly, the platform promises to simplify things; as it allows users to manage their portfolios easily. In contrast, most exchanges around prove complicated even for the well-informed investors who want to invest.

Offers autopilot trading of crypto assets

Big price swings and extreme volatility usually scare away those new entrants into crypto since they fear the risk that their portfolio might downgrade in less time. Fortunately, Terablock provides machine learning strategies that new people in the arena can utilize and make substantial benefits. 

A new inexperienced user can select one of the pre-defined indexes on the platform to commence trading. The platform also provides the user with the freedom to view the real-time and historical trading data if the individual desires to create their own index. Past asset trade performances on the TeraBlock exchange can also be monitored any time the user wishes. 

As a high-frequency trade automation platform, the exchange utilizes a technology that maintains the risk level of the portfolio to the desired portion. Machine learning-based trades are considered to be more efficient and profitable than those performed manually.

Possible Binance partnership boosts technology and security

Since February this year, TeraBlock started to liaise with Binance. The leadership cryptocurrency exchange, whichprovides its exchange-specific cloud solution,Binance Cloud — that efficiently supports the digital asset trading platform.

Users need not worry about slippages or spreads as the platform relies on Binance’s deep liquidity and order books to offer near-instant speeds. Binance Cloud also powers the cryptocurrency exchange to ensure that the funds of the customer stay safe.

Back in November 2020, TeraBlock was incubated into the Scalex Accelerator program, with Blockchain Founders Fund being its strategic partner.

TBC and rebalancing capabilities available

Users can also use the platform’s native token,TeraBlock Token (TBC), to trade. Terablock has already released a supply of 400 million TBC tokens (although it is currently limited to private parties) that retail as $0.05. Private sale of the token started on April 6th. 

The platform has the rebalancing feature, which users can apply for it to automatically rebalance their account according to the defined portfolio diversification strategy. On and off-ramp services will be offered for users to exchange fiat with crypto and vice versa.

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