Minorities in Film Reinvents Crowdfunding By Launching an NFT Auction of BIPOC Artist

The NFT auction is the MiFILM Collective’s first digital  benefit  auction

Minorities in Film takes matters into their own hands by launching an NFT auction that features limited editions of artwork created by BIPOC & Differently-abled visual artists. Given the striking unemployment rate of freelance artists during the pandemic, the MiFILM NFT auction brings together collaborators and filmmakers to exemplify MiFILMs mission  “Collaboration over competition”. The auction is set to start on June 19th, 2021 on the historical holiday Juneteenth. The auction is in partnership with NFT artist management Black NFT. This first of a kind event will be precedent as the portions of proceeds of sales will go towards MiFILM’s community film initiative.
Each piece of art will be dropped over the course of several weeks to showcase a theme of “Artists are essential”. The benefit auction will be split with the artist and Minorities in Film community film fund as a way to launch their collaborative film initiative of creating a more equitable diverse workspace.
MiFILM would like to introduce Evan Pun, Shradda, Madison Ariass,  Jayboi Adams, Jumai Yusuf and Kwame Michael  as the  artists donating pieces to this initiative. The virtual gallery will be hosted by none other Spatial.io.
“The auction was created to find creative outlets of funding by leveraging the power of blockchain as a new way to crowdfund our projects,” says Ian Q, Co-Founder of MiFILM. “We’re excited to  bridge the gap between entertainment and tech leveraging new crowdfunding models to help amplify the artist & filmmakers’ unique and distinguished voices.”
To learn more about the MiFILM Collective, click the following link: www.minoritiesinfilm.com.
About MiFILM: MiFilm is a collective that helps People with Disabilities and People of Color accelerate their career in the entertainment industry through education, collaboration and equity. Founded by Brittany Franklin, a Hard of Hearing Director from New York, the community launched to celebrate inclusion on film sets and to democratize the filmmaking process for recent film school graduates. In 2020, Ian Grant joined as Co-Founder to help scale MiFILM’s programs and initiatives.
Ian Q Grant
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