As Hollywood’s Latest Bitcoin Promoter, Spike Lee Highlights Sovereign Potential Of BTC

As Hollywood’s Latest Bitcoin Promoter, Spike Lee Highlights Sovereign Potential Of BTC

Iconic actor and director Spike Lee is bringing his cultural perspective to Bitcoin in an ad for a cryptocurrency ATM operator Coin Cloud.

Mainstream, Hollywood celebrities have delved into the commercial world of Bitcoin before. For instance, Alec Baldwin has served as a pitchman for cryptocurrency exchange eToro and Neil Patrick Harris has partnered to promote bitcoin ATM operator CoinFlip.

But as the latest movie mainstay to begin shilling commercial products tied to Bitcoin, Spike Lee may now offer the greatest synergy between Bitcoin’s underlying cultural power and its public perception to date.

The actor and director, who is best known for films that challenge the status quo and highlight the stories of America’s underserved populations, is directing and starring in an upcoming commercial for Coin Cloud, which operates digital kiosks where users can invest in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

“Old money is not going to pick us up; it pushes us down,” Lee says in the ad, according to The New York Times. “The digital rebellion is here.”

The commercial was filmed on Wall Street and in other iconic New York City locations in June, and it also features transgender actress Mj Rodriguez and drag queen Shangela. Though it has yet to air, the spot seems likely to emphasize the power that a decentralized and permissionless monterey network like Bitcoin can offer to those who have been failed by the traditional financial system and remain largely ignored by the powers that be.

There can be some tradeoffs when acquiring bitcoin through an ATM, but these kiosks are often highly-accessible portals for new users. And while Lee may just be the latest in a growing line of celebrities hired by Bitcoin companies, the overlap between his significant cultural contributions and the growing financial revolution is undeniable.

“If anyone’s known my body of work over the last four decades, you kind of know about the way I see the world, and when they approached me, it fit in line,” Lee told the Times.