Why Everyone In Crypto is Talking About Paris Hilton?

A small video clip of socialite Paris Hilton has gone viral especially in the crypto community and everyone seems to be in awe. The small clip is from “The Tonight Show” where Hilton is seen explaining about Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) to the host Jimmy Fallon.

Hilton managed to explain both the general and the technical aspects of the NFTs and why it is so popular. What many might not know but Hilton is very big on NFTs and now has been minting for years, in fact, many believe she was involved with NFTs from a time when most of the people were not even aware of it. Fallon also recognized NFTs from the popular artist Beeple’s $69 million sales as he talked about the digital art that was auctioned. Hilton advised him to mint a few of his jokes as NFTs and auction them.

Paris Hilton is an NFT OG!

The crypto community was especially in awe of Hilton’s understanding of the concept and the fact that she has been minting it herself for quite some time now. One Twitter user called Hilton’s intelligence underrated.

Another user posted an Instagram photo of her from 2016 where she is seen along with Ethereum co-founders.

Paris Hilton

Hilton also launched her own NFT collection in April this year in collaboration with designer Blake Kathryn. The NFT collection including three NFTs that fetched a total of $220,000. She has also revealed earlier that she holds Bitcoin and is pretty excited about its future.

Celebrity interest in trends is nothing new and many well-known A-list stars have been associated with crypto projects from 2017 itself, but only a very including Hilton has been in the space among the earliest celebrities. NFTs have become a craze this bull season and almost every brand and celebrity has invested or auctioned NFTs in some form. The market has seen a great surge fetching over $3 billion in sales in the first two quarters.

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