GameStation Incubator and Launchpad Flips the Blockchain Game Development Paradigm

Play-to-earn gaming is one of the hottest trends in crypto these days. Decentralized finance (DeFi) was the breakout blockchain champion of summer 2020, and NFTs have been exploding in popularity since the spring, but what’s leading the crypto charge this fall is a concept that combines both DeFi and NFTs into a blockchain phenomenon that could take a major bite out of the $150 billion revenue the electronic gaming industry raked in last year.

The rise of GameFi has ushered in tons of new blockchain gaming projects. One of these projects, GameStation, aims to help further increase this trend. They’re striving to become the “Kickstarter of Gaming” by offering a multi-chain platform for incubating great ideas into great games that can raise funds via GameStation’s dedicated GameFi launchpad.

GameStation’s incubator and launchpad services are a giant leap forward in game development. Electronic gaming is turning a massive corner as blockchains are fast becoming the de facto home for serious gameplay, and GameStation is helping realize a future where gamers take part in the growth and financial rewards this sector has to offer.

Gaming Models of the Past Were a Ripoff for Gamers

The blockchain gaming revolution has finally arrived. In the past, gamers used to buy electronic games at the shop, shove cartridges and CD-ROMs into gaming consoles and computer towers, and then these tech artifacts ended up at garage sales or sold to a reseller for paltry returns on original investments. Unfortunately, video games were expensive, and they had notoriously low resale values.

Then, the internet took over. Gamers began downloading games from centralized servers that made games more accessible than ever before, but the play-to-win model eventually reared its ugly head. After play-to-win became standard issue fare for electronic gaming, a gamer’s credit cards became as essential as gaming prowess in order to advance to a game’s next stages.

In a play-to-win model, gamers are essentially spending their money on something they cannot keep, something that cannot transfer value once it has been purchased, like paying to bungee jump off a bridge or ride a roller coaster. The gaming companies sucked up all the value, and gamers are left empty-handed when the next big game comes out or when technology moves forward and renders a game obsolete.

How Blockchain Gaming Revolutionizes the Industry

Buying and winning video games has usually been losing financial positions, until now. Gamers in some countries are actually making a living off of play-to-earn games these days. Even gamers who are playing just for fun are making back money when their gaming NFTs see a rise in floor price. Furthermore, some of these gaming NFTs are going for astronomical sums as the market continues to display an insatiable appetite for these unique digital assets.

It’s not just the price of an NFT that can earn players some serious crypto. Metaverses are being built that allow players to explore and find treasures that can be transformed into financial rewards on secondary markets. Imagine playing an RPG and being able to sell unnecessary items for ETH as the character’s inventory gets upgraded through successful quests. Now, that’s a huge incentive to play.

GameStation Decentralizes the Future of Game Production

GameStation is taking the power to make games out of the publishers’ hands and putting it into the wider gaming and crypto community. In the traditional model of game creation, an idea would seek funding, developers would be culled, and the publisher would then release and market the game to a gaming community. At the end of the cycle, publishers usually end up with the lion’s share of profits.

In the new model for incubating and launching games, new ideas unite development teams, funding comes from the marketplace and crowdfunded presales, and the community of developers and gamers share the wealth as a game becomes successful and the tokens and NFTs associated with the game appreciate in value.

This is an inclusive model for game development and gameplay that will rock the future of gaming and finance. GameFi is making serious headway towards the mainstream future of gaming, and GameStation is gearing up to be a major gamechanger as its incubator and launchpad focus 100% on the emergent market of blockchain gaming.

GameStation is a chain agnostic platform with a strong pipeline of projects already in the works. Launches are set for Ethereum and Polygon with additional multi-chain compatibility set for the near future. Check out GameStation’s Twitter and Telegram for updates and to find out how to get involved with the future of blockchain games.


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