Fighting For Financial Literacy In Congress With Aarika Rhodes

Aarika Rhodes explained how financial literacy can be a force for change in our world.

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For many young people, especially those from less affluent backgrounds, Bitcoin offers a means to grow beyond the constraints of poverty and historic debt. However, enabling this leverage isn’t always easy. Education is paramount, and encouraging financial literacy will determine the agency further generations step into.

On this episode, we are joined by Aarika Rhodes as we tease out the struggle for financial literacy and some possible solutions in America. In addition to being a schoolteacher and active member of her community, Aarika is running against Brad Sherman for California’s 30th district in next year’s election, opposing Brad on many of the most important points, notably on the topic of Bitcoin and progressive financial education. In our conversation, we get to hear about the importance of new voices, public dialogue, and how she became such a staunch supporter of the Bitcoin movement. Aarika shares stories and experiences that have shaped her worldview, and why she believes deeply in the groundwork she is doing with her team to build a better future for the next generation. Join us for an inspiring and illuminating chat with someone on the front lines of an important fight.