Concierge Service Catering to Crypto Whales Sees 500% Increase in Clients Over the Last 6 Months 

On Tuesday,, the exclusive travel service backed by announced it added new luxury services in order to give crypto investors “a more premium experience to live out their travel dreams.” The concierge service for “the crypto world’s elite” details its added experiences like a seven-star igloo in Antarctica, all-inclusive African safaris, and a stay at a Japanese castle.

Exclusive Travel Service Adds New Services

The firm is the concierge service focused on cryptocurrencies and it leverages professional travel managers in order to provide customers with unique and luxurious experiences. The company is also backed by, a crypto-friendly travel service that accepts a myriad of digital assets for payment.

Concierge Service Catering to Crypto Whales Sees 500% Increase in Clients Over the Last 6 Months

On October 19, announced the company has added new exclusive experiences to its luxury travel services so crypto investors can enjoy their riches in style. The firm has detailed it has already provided first-class stays for crypto whales like “week-long trips to private islands in the Maldives as well as private jets.”

“Today, the travel service adds even more premium experiences, such as a stay at a Japanese castle, a seven-star igloo in Antarctica, and all-inclusive African safaris,”’s announcement details. “New luxury travel products also include exclusive access to some of the largest yachts in the world, complete with in-ship crews and chefs.”

500% Increase in Clients in 6 Months, 100% of Bookings Made in Crypto

Ben Rogers, chief marketing officer at detailed in a statement sent to News that for more than a year, demand has risen a great deal.

“We’ve seen the demand to pay for travel in crypto steadily rise over the past year-plus, as the number of crypto users has rapidly grown alongside a slow-but-steady reopening of global travel. Now, we’re seeing high-net-worth crypto investors want to really treat themselves with something other than Lamborghinis,” Rogers said.

Concierge Service Catering to Crypto Whales Sees 500% Increase in Clients Over the Last 6 Months

Since the company launched six months ago in April 2021, says that its seen a 500% increase in clients. Furthermore, the firm notes that 100% of bookings were made with digital assets.

“ helps [clients] live out their travel dreams with their hard-earned crypto, providing yet another real-world use case for digital currencies that have made millionaires. In just six short months, we’ve already helped many fulfill their most extreme vacation fantasies and the additional experiences announced today further expand the possibilities and ways in which people explore the world.”

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