After Bitcoin, speculations rise about Tesla adding Shiba Inu Payment option

Elon Musk’s Tesla is back in news, flooding the crypto market with the exclusive speculation of Shiba Inu payment option for Tesla. According to Watcher News, the company website’s back-end payment procession code revealed that Shiba Inu along with Bitcoin was mentioned under the case banner code, which is currently not available for use by the public.

However, to further confirm the speculations, it is determined that in most cases, the back-end code is utilized for enabling payment methods and looking at the current back-end code, it is only fitting that Bitcoin and Shiba Inu could most likely make it to Tesla.

Is Musk Unhappy with DOGE’s market response?

Tesla CEO, Elon Musk who is a radical Dogecoin supporter, could break the internet if adding Shiba Inu to Tesla turns out to be true. Earlier today, BitcoinLinux had reported Musk’s latest tweet supporting his favorite DOGE yet again by announcing that tuition fees for his university in Texas known as the Texas Institute of Technology & Science, will be accepted in Dogecoin, further announcing that people with a dog will get special discounts. However, regardless of Musk’s tweet, the market did not come through for DOGE as the coin only experienced the slightest hike. Does this mean that Musk is now gravitating towards Shiba Inu after witnessing DOGE’s unresponsiveness?

Snowden’s attack on meme coins and deep-pocketed manipulators

Musk who called Dogecoin as “people’s crypto” could now be reaching out to Shiba Inu, or as the legendry whistle-blower, Edward Snowden would call it, “CLONE of dog money.”. Snowden recently tweeted against the Shiba Inu frenzy, further adding Dogecoin to the roast. He referred to Dogecoin as “dog money”, and Shiba Inu as “CLONE of dog money”, arguing that he is highly doubtful about the “CLONE” bringing any fortune to its community of investors. Furthermore, in a separate tweet, Snowden expressed that people could buy “any garbage they want,”, however, he added that it’s a shame to see these investors get “emotionally manipulated into mortgaging the farm on a meme’s worth of understanding.”

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