Bull Rally Here? Altcoins Making a Spectacular Recovery as Bulls Charge at Full Blast


Bulls are here, making it an altcoin season. Cryptocurrencies are enjoying the most as top cryptocurrencies register good gains while double digits gainers keep on rising.

Altcoins dominating the market

At the moment, greens are everywhere, dominating the crypto market for good. Though altcoins move in tandem with the Bitcoin and this time the scenario is the same as usual, bulls are in favor of altcoins. While Bitcoin is up by just over 2 percent, altcoins are surging at a good pace.

The overall market cap has reached $232 billion while the total market cap excluding bitcoin has taken a jump from $104.9 billion to $112.7 billion. Altcoins are making a strong recovery that has bitcoin dominance sliding from 54.6 percent from mid-August to 52.2 percent at the moment.


Top cryptocurrencies enjoying the bulls

If we take a look at the top cryptocurrencies, they are managing a good surge as the entire market is in deep green.

  • Ethereum (ETH) is up by 6.13 percent at $297. Looks like Ethereum Futures have already started making people feel enthusiastic about the world’s second largest cryptocurrency.
  • XRP is rising at the rate of 4.95 percent while sitting at crucial $0.348
  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is stealing the show with its over 15 percent jump climbing $622
  • EOS, Stellar (XLM), Litecoin (LTC), Cardano (ADA) and IOTA (MIOTA) are in a good rising range of 6 to 8 percent.

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Cryptos with substantial gains deserving special mention

The top digital currencies are not the only ones experiencing the surge, actually, these coins are making the buzz in the crypto market right now.

  • Dogecoin (DOGE) has all the limelight today as it rose a whopping 66 percent, going from $0.0026 a few days back to $0.0065 at the moment.
  • Monero (XMR) is the one shining with 12.62 percent gains. A recent study by Satis Group has revealed a good pricing future for Monero with one of the biggest gainers in the coming 10 years at $39,584, along with Bitcoin.
  • After quite some time, Verge (XVG) again made its presence in the market with over 32 percent rise reaching $0.018.
  • Dash has become a hot news topic with its penetration of Venezuelan market which is going through hyperinflation. Moreover, it also came into the scrutiny with the news of Dash running out of funds and community member asking its CEO’s removal doing the rounds in the market. Right now, Dash is up by more than 15 percent while exchanging hands at $217.

The biggest gainers

Now is the time for the coins that are making the biggest gains today while bulls are charging the market.

  • After Dogecoin, ReddCoin (RDD) is at the top with 34 percent gains at $0.0042 while Siacoin (SC) is up by about 25 percent while trading at $0.0076.
  • Among the other double digits gainers are, Bytecoin, IOST, Bytom, Nebulas, Wanchain, Stratis, NEO, Digibyte, Aelf, Nxt, Dentacoin, Holo, and Gas rising between the range of 10 to 18 percent.

Bulls are in full force and altcoins are making the most of it as every coin in top 100 except a very few are surging with good percentages.

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