Elon Musk Just Kidding with the ‘Ethereum’ Tweet; Crypto-Twitter Goes Hysteric Anyway

Elon Musk, one of the most successful entrepreneurs and brightest minds of the 21st century is looked up to for a lot of reasons. The CEO of SpaceX and Tesla needs no introduction almost everywhere in the world. He has 26.2 million followers on Twitter and more often than not Musk indulges in light-hearted banter with the Twitter community.

Crypto-Twitter (CT), on the other hand, is known for its hysterics. Any cryptocurrency related tweet be it allegations, opinions, or news invites an avalanche of tweets and it spreads like fire.

Elon Musk once again put this fact to test on early morning 30th April 2019. He just tweeted the name of one of the most popular cryptocurrencies, and CT went in a frenzy as expected. It was re-tweeted more than 3000 times in only 2 hours.

However, he had also followed the Tweet with a reply saying:

Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder and lead figurehead of Ethereum was delighted by the joke, invited Elon to the Ethereum DevCon.

You should come to our Devcon in October 🙂

The Twitter thread grew longer with each passing minute, as Justin Sun came to shilling Tron and Bittorrent. A similar tweet was sent by Gabor Gurbacs, the CEO and Digital Asset Director at VanEck also sent a two-word reply shilling his favorite coin.

It is sort of building up as an inside joke between Elon and the Crypto-community because this isn’t the first time for Elon. Earlier Elon this year Elon had mentioned that Dogecoin was his favorite cryptocurrency. In the turn of events that followed, rather not surprisingly, the price of Dogecoin started gaining extreme momentum in the following days. Elon Musk, due to his entrepreneurial brilliance and being the founder of Paypal has also been occasionally dubbed as ‘Satoshi Nakamoto.’

Nevertheless, the strong conviction and optimism of the Crypto-Twitter community have been unshaken in the face of negative market sentiments and criticism. Elon Musk has also been drawn towards it with a positive outlook.

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Furthermore, the cryptocurrency fanatics are always wary of big movements in the market. Any positive or negative piece of news has a considerable impact on the price of the cryptocurrency almost instantly. This highlights the vulnerability of the markets, currently. However, it wasn’t witnessed on this occasion as the price of Ethereum is still below $160. Hence, no resistances have been tested yet.

Do you think that the markets are becoming stronger and stabler with time or vulnerability still exists? Please share your views with us. 

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