Announced Its Partnership With Metacity

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Avril Lavigne, Ian Somerhalder, Russell Simmons, MasterMinds of Hip-Hop, Olivia Palermo, and more have co-created a metaverse project called MetaCity! MetaCity has reached strategic partnerships with more than five blockchain giants, showing high potential in the bear market. 

MetaCity is a metaverse project under a Tokyo-based incubator company Tlabs. It has been gaining popularity since the punk rock superstar Avril Lavigne, and The Vampire Diaries lead actor Ian Somerhalder announced their landing on MetaCity in mid-July. Two weeks into MetaCity’s public sale, the project has surprised its fans with significant strategic partnerships. Leading with, one of the top 10 exchanges in the market, MetaCity has partnered with 6 major blockchain giants.

MetaCity has held a number of Twitter Spaces with various project parties and project representatives in the past week, discussing the future of the metaverse and the NFT industry. The guests include, Gate NFT, LooksRare, MultiverseDAO, iNFTSpace, TwitterScan, and Xiao-i.  

“Bear market is the time to test the creativity of project parties! The chilling winter will push the industry to the next level”, said the co-founder of MetaCity on Twitter Space. Indeed, although the trading volume of NFT has dropped significantly compared to the previous two quarters, every two to three days, a new project will pop into the top rankings on OpenSea. The winter, or “the adjustment period”, quoting from LooksRare representative, is forcing all creators to think outside the box. 

As the co-founder of Xiao-i said, “it is the time to take the long view”. The future of the metaverse and NFT is full of imagination and potential. Web3 will connect the real world and the virtual world, changing our daily life. Project parties, including MetaCity, are preparing for the bull market. 

Trying to bust through a bear market, MetaCity has adopted a new approach with its business model. All celebrities, including Avril Lavigne, are our co-creator. Celebrities are committed to providing content and participating in designing MetaCity 3D spaces and events. For example, Ian Somerhalder as an environmentalist and an animal lover proposed to plant a forest on MetaCity. Celebrities are not just a spokesperson and a supporter, but a builder and a creator. 

With the concept and the business model, MetaCity has reached partnerships with, X2Y2, iNFTSpace, MultiverseDao, LooksRare, and Xiao-i. In addition, Double-A Chain has also announced its strategic collaboration with MetaCity, which support buying MetaCity Land NFT on iNFTSpace with AAC, BNB, and more.

MetaCity will continue to release exciting news and the details of the cooperation, so please stay tuned! For more, visit: ​​ or follow @MetaCityTlabs on Twitter. 

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