Be part of the newest P2E Racing NFT Games – Crypto Drift Unlimited

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In every way, a highly clever and strategic maneuver, as well as Upgrading car parts and accessories, racing, and staking, will lead to huge and significant wins. This is also true when playing Crypto Drift Unlimited: the more strategically you plan your moves, the easier it will be for you to win and, of course, earn money.

Crypto Drift Unlimited is a play-to-earn NFT game the goal is to drive the greatest distance while earning credits. When you come out victorious, you earn CRDT credit which you can use for in-game rewards, blockchain exchanges or currency conversion.

But, before diving into the game, it’s recommended that players familiarize themselves with CDU NFT cars, or classifications, as the makers refer to them. 

Crypto Drift Unlimited car list

Check this one:

In CDU, any car can be used for any activity. However, the term is better used to describe a car and its stats. In general, cars have a classification in order to check each capability, 5-Star being the highest. It also has one-of-a-kind luxury cars. Players will have complete ownership over these vehicles, with each design being minted only once for the duration of the game.

Cars are an important part of this game and what you will use to compete and collect rewards. Cars can be bought from the Marketplace

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In CDU, any car can be used in any racing competitions. Stats and rarity can affect in different ways while racing. Each car design and set each uniqueness and can be upgraded just like:

  • Tuned up and maintained 
  • Garage Upgrade
  • Car Accessories Upgrade

Unfortunately, there is no way to download Crypto Drift Unlimited from Google Play or the App Store. This is why you need to visit the official site. To go there,

How to Play

Anybody can choose an NFT car. There will be a free-to-play trial mode in the beta test phase in which you can participate or try how to play the game and choose your own car also, check this one Play this mode on your own to experience fun, and excitement when the CDU will be live soon or use it to practice for the World Cup, where you can compete and win the World cup trophy to earn better prizes.


CDU has three gameplays to be participated, those are:

  • Career Mode: Manual or Auto Drive
  • PvP
  • World Cup

The Goal of this game is to drive as fast as you can while collecting credits in the track race. The uniqueness of this game is the World Cup. The World Cup will only commence once a minimum of 20 participants is recruited. Three winners will be chosen by the end of the month. Players with the farthest accumulated distance reached in Manual Drive for the whole month will win. Every day, the leaderboard will be updated for the players to keep track of who’s leading the World Cup. This loop will earn you big money!

Benefits of playing CDU

Like any other NFT Games, Crypto drift offers opportunities to earn while playing the game by collecting rewards in race track, competing with other players, Car upgrades, earning credit like CRDU and trade it in exchange platform where CRDT credit are listed, also they can earn from staking their rewards credit and NFTs. Every player can play anytime and enjoy anywhere and make profits from the game. Users can participate via playing and upgrading cars, garage and other accessory items. Allowing players to have fun while making money and taking control of their assets.

About Crypto Drift Unlimited

CDU is created by MFGames, a new game development company on the blockchain. Crypto-drift unlimited race tournament aims to win the world cup trophy. Wherein players can choose between Auto-drive or Manual. CDU is a 3D car racing NFT-game on the Binance blockchain and is a mobile-first game that generally centers around the concept of street racing. In crypto drift unlimited, users can collect bonus coins in every track. The player can use their collectibles to buy new NFT, compete and earn rewards.

Crypto Drift Unlimited core team is full of faces in the gaming, blockchain, art design, crypto and marketing industries who, together, have many years of experience, and are joined by the vision of turning CDU into a lifestyle for those passionate about blockchain gaming and of course, racing.

Please follow our official channels to receive the latest information about upcoming updates. You can also check their whitepaper: