Be Happy is a new revolutionary project within DeFi, combining the concepts of Play to Earn and Move to Earn

Be Happy is a new revolutionary project within DeFi, combining the concepts of Play to Earn and Move to Earn

With the increase in the cost of NFT in the past years, the way this field began to develop sharply and rapidly became clear. Remember the 2017-2018 project CryptoPunks, which became very popular in 2021? And now imagine yourself as a collector of paintings and you own the original, isn’t it nice? That’s because it’s a matter of prestige and belonging to art. Now let’s draw a parallel with the NFT sphere, where owning tokens of successful projects is as prestigious as owning the originals of famous paintings, and you have such an opportunity.

Be Happy is a one-of-a-kind online crypto game in which viewers pay and players earn! The rules of the game are very simple: the “viewer” comes up with missions and assigns rewards, and the players complete them and earn money.

Why is this project going to be a success?

In the modern world, the pursuit of novelties and attempts to invent something new are constantly increasing. One of such projects, which still has maintained its uniqueness, is the game Be Happy.

Be Happy is a project covering the entire globe and changing the usual rules of the game. Now both the players and the viewers can prove themselves. So, you need to demonstrate what your imagination is capable of — come up with the craziest missions for players and assign a reward for it! Can you do it?

Become an early investor of the NFT collection and start earning both inside the BE HAPPY game and on the marketplace.

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It sounds promising. Let’s look at the perks of the Pre-Sale purchase of a Be Happy NFT.

At the Pre-Sale stage, you will have the opportunity to purchase a limited number of unique NFT avatars at the lowest cost. Owners of rare avatars will be able to get additional features in Be Happy, and their price will grow in the market as the game is developing.

When will investors be able to receive the acquired NFTs?

Immediately after the listing of the $HAP token, the BE HAPPY marketplace will be launched. All NFT owners will receive them to their wallets. Then, the trading on the marketplace will start.

You can view the available NFTs for Pre-Sale on the website in the section –

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