Cryppo: the new roadmap for the crypto project in collaboration with Noku

Cryppo, the collection of 2375 NFTs created by The Cryptonomist in collaboration with ArtRights, The Nemesis, and Noku, published a few days ago the new roadmap informing collectors about the next steps of the crypto project.

As announced on these pages some time ago, Cryppo has also partnered with Noku and its games based on this layer 2 of Ethereum, such as Crypto Heroes.

Staking and farming with Cryppo NFTs

A few months ago, Cryppo staking was announced, which is the process whereby those who decided to lock NFTs could farm small houses. 

By now the staking time has ended, which means that users who had staked Cryppo were able to redeem the house.

As per the roadmap, having obtained the small house, the next step that people can take is to stake the small house + Cryppo to get 1 Cryppa up to a maximum of 300 Cryppas total.

Cryppa is Cryppo’s wife, which will be used in the future to obtain Cryppies, who are the children.

The staking and then farming period to obtain Cryppa will be 3 months. 

The team will soon provide details on how to accomplish these next actions and redeem Cryppa.

A new tournament on Crypto Heroes

Furthermore, as per the roadmap, new tournaments on Crypto Heroes will be organized soon to play and win free copies of The NFT Magazine and up to 100 NOKU tokens.

In particular, in collaboration with Noku, a tournament will be held which can be accessed by having at least one Cryppo NFT in the wallet.

The tournament will be held from 11 November to 9 December 2022 and these will be the prizes: 

1=50 noku 1 NFT magazine + 1 Gold pack + 1 wsl W&G pack

2=30 noku 1 NFT magazine + 1 Gold pack + 1 wsl W&G pack

3= 20 noku NFT magazine + 1 Gold pack + 1 wsl W&G pack

4-5= NFT magazine + 1 wsl W&G pack

5-10= 1 wsl W&G pack