Fight Out: the move-to-earn crypto project for fitness enthusiasts

Fight Out is the new move-to-earn (M2E) crypto project that is winning over fitness enthusiasts with the aim of building real gyms with Web3-associated functions.

Currently, it is possible to purchase the FGHT token with a bonus of up to 50%, and a $250,000 giveaway in FGTH is underway.

Fight Out: what is the new move-to-earn crypto project

Fight Out‘s new crypto project is based on the move-to-earn formula that rewards users for their real-life gym workouts. In fact, users will be able to improve their avatar’s statistics as they make athletic progress with their physical workouts. 

To access the Fight Out fitness app, one must participate in a subscription that allows one to create a digital profile so as to receive personalized workout recommendations. 

Specifically, the app will monitor the user’s movements, efforts, but also nutrition and sleep quality to project them onto his personal avatar that can neither be sold nor traded.

The goal of such a hybrid project between the physical and digital worlds is to advance then in raising funds to create real Web3 physical gyms, namely with sensors that track workouts or “mirrors” that reflect the image of one’s avatar used in the app. 

Fight Out, the two FGHT and REPS tokens and ongoing bonuses

The crypto project for fitness enthusiasts uses two tokens: FGHT and REPS. FGHT will be used to build and develop real-world gyms, while REPS is the token with which users will be rewarded. 

Basically, with the REPS token, users can apply for discounts for subscriptions to the app or gym, or it can be used to pay for special sessions with personal trainers, or again, to buy equipment or supplements or whatever. 

Currently, Fight Out is offering new investors a bonus of up to 50% for purchasing FGHT so they can participate in the move-to-earn project. 

Not only that, to incentivize the purchase of FGHT, the project has raffled off a $250,000 giveaway in FGTH tokens 

All in all, Fight Out’s presale is still in its first stage, and FGHT tokens are available at $0.0166. Currently, the crypto project has already raised $2.8 million. 

The move-to-earn formula

The move-to-earn formula is not entirely new; in fact, there are already crypto projects that use it. 

Among the most famous is STEPN, the Web3 app that allows people with NFTs (representing sneakers) in their collection to earn GMT tokens by walking. 

In the second quarter of 2022, STEPN earned an impressive $122.5 million in profits, which the project claims were spent on improving the platform in terms of security, expanding staff, and creating new merchandising. 

Another app in the move-to-earn formula is Sweatcoin (SWEAT), which records the steps taken by the user during the day, remunerating them in SWEAT. The app can be used via Android, iPhone and smartwatch.