Poseidon DAO presents The Nemesis, Over and Metagate

For the first meeting of 2023, Poseidon DAO will welcome to its space on Monday, 16 January, three important realities of Web3: the metaverse projects The Nemesis, Over and Metagate.

Poseidon DAO featuring major metaverse projects

Talking about NFTs today also means talking about Metaverse projects, virtual realities where non-fungible tokens express their usefulness to the fullest, starting from our own avatars, which the blockchain allows us to uniquely identify, to lands, to exploring every field of the infinite possibilities that new technologies offer us. 

In order to deepen the relationship between Web3 and blockchain, Poseidon will compare the perspectives of the personalities behind some of the most widely used metaverse projects at the moment: The Nemesis, Over, and Metagate.


Beyond the relationship between NFTs and the metaverse, several topics will be covered, ranging from the use of artificial intelligence in the metaverse to experiential possibilities within these new platforms.

In addition, all three projects will tell about their strengths and compare themselves with competitors regarding their peculiarities.