The 4-dimensional NFT: a new tech and cult trend?

For the past few years, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and blockchain technology have caused a stir in the art industry by allowing artists to sell unique, digital pieces of art that are impossible to duplicate or counterfeit. Great. But what if we could take this concept even further, by adding an extra dimension to NFTs?

This is the unusual and new theme that will be explored on 25 January 2023 at a live event in London, presented by Tokenable Ltd. and The Cryptonomist magazine.

The conference will cover a galore of subjects, such as the development of art from ancient cave paintings to contemporary works of art, the truth about the metaverse, artificial intelligence, and how to grow the value of an NFT. There will also be discussions on how to construct 3D and 4D NFT projects as well as how to invest in safely and healthily in it.

The relevance of ancient culture in increasing the value of digital art will be one of the event’s key themes. Using his knowledge in art and passion about technology, Manuel Timperi, teacher at the Italian Design Institute and author of the graphic novel E.V.E. – Ethereal View of Empiricity, will explore this subject in depth and shed light on how ancient cultural influences can be infused into contemporary, digital artworks to create something truly unique and valuable. Additionally, he will talk about how art and NFTs may build a bridge between the physical and digital worlds. 

With the emergence of the metaverse -a shared, virtual environment where users can engage in a variety of activities- there is an increasing demand for a method of meaningfully connecting the two realities. Massimo Ruotolo, CEO of Tokenable LTD, claims that this innovative perspective “offers a new approach, allowing works in NFTs to be developed so distinctive that traditional art can no longer be considered “superior”.

Marco Zolla, Business Lawyer, researcher and digital entrepreneur, will talk about the legal challenges of NFTs and potential rewards from investing in this cutting-edge technology. 

For the occasion Alisia Viola, art curator and manager of well-known digital artists, will present beautiful unpublished works by Andrea Crespi, Pitmarels and Articolo il, Damiano Fasso, while the Tokiplace marketplace team will show the latest, wonderful, unpublished piece by Leo Caillard, an artist known for the ability to create works of art of many dimensions.

The event will feature engaging speakers and conversations in addition to a special contest where guests can win a 1 of a kind NFT. All you need to do is show up in person and take part in a unique interactive activity during a break. Remember to put January 25, 2023 on your calendars and join us to learn more about the contest, which will be announced there. This is a rare chance to learn about the 4-dimensional NFT trend and to own a piece of digital art history. You can either go to the event in person (for the free NFT and the exciting networking) or watch it live on the Tokiplace social channels. So, don’t pass up.

Other guests and speakers at the event: Vincenzo Forgione, CTO and head of the A.I. department at Tokenable Ltd, Deborah Mendolicchio, an expert in art history coach of emerging NFT artists, and Claudio Russo, art advisor.

Whether you’re an artist looking to learn more about NFTs, an art enthusiast interested in the role of technology in art, or simply someone looking to stay up-to-date on the latest trends in the art world, you’d better get on board.

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