Poseidon DAO Space Gallery

.Beginning from 27 February, Poseidon DAO offers its first selection of artists exhibited in its SuperRare Space.

With Space Gallery, Poseidon DAO promotes well-known and established artists in the mainstream art sector within the NFT market. Creating enormous benefits to the entire ecosystem: new synergies and connections between two sides of art that to date are advancing in parallel. Not to mention a chance for greater visibility.

1500Labs, founded by Debora Hirsch and Martin Giménez.  The first artistic reality selected precisely for the launch of Poseidon Dao Space Gallery.

The two visual artists, in addition to exhibiting their works in museums and galleries around the world. Work through 1500Labs in the digital sphere related to NFTs and the metaverse.

Their artistic process is to showcase fashion and luxury objects through a personal point of view. Which can generate unique NFTs that show an almost instantaneous rarefaction process from exclusive objects to enigmatic or symbolic forms. Often emphasize the predatory nature in the world of the consumer goods industry.

Therefore, they strongly believe in Web 3.0 as a symbol of progress, as a decentralized nature of space that creates more freedom for them outside the gallery model.

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Poseidon DAO

It is a reality that wants to go beyond the boundaries of the decentralized Web 3.0 as we know it now, its purpose is to help artists and collectors find their space in the metaverse, while at the same time, in collaboration with major Marketplaces and Communities, support and bring to life innovative projects related to Crypto Art, collectibles and gaming upon proposal and approval of DAO members.

This is precisely why it will be an inclusive environment for artists and collectors who will find it mutually beneficial to grow by supporting the DAO, in the same way that Poseidon has invested in Crypto Art so far.

SuperRare Space

These are showcases that curate and promote art and artists, run by different operating teams such as traditional art galleries, artist collectives, or any other organization.

Ultimately, Spaces offer artists promotion and sales coordination, serving as curated and branded primary marketplaces as sovereign Crypto Art galleries that follow the rules and policies outlined in the community guidelines and SuperRare Terms of Service.


February 2023 7 PM (CET) – AMA 1500Labs Space Twitter @Poseidon_SF

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