Latest crypto news regarding Aion (AION): removal from Binance, current performance and more

Latest and important crypto news regarding Aion (AION), the third-generation blockchain-based multilevel network. The project’s goal is to find solutions to problems with interoperability, scalability and anonymity in other blockchain projects.

Specifically, the news concerns Binance‘s recent move whereby it will remove Aion (AION), Anchor Protocol (ANC) and Mirror Protocol (MIR). Moreover, an observation is made that Aion (AION) and have spiked in search volume. And finally, an overview of crypto price trends.

Crypto exchange Binance removes Aion

Cryptocurrency exchange Binance announced that it will permanently remove Aion (AION), Anchor Protocol (ANC), and Mirror Protocol (MIR) cryptocurrencies on 27 February 2023.

The relevant trading pairs are AION/USDT, MIR/BUSD and ANC/BUSD.

After 28 February 2023, deposits of these tokens will no longer be credited to Binance accounts. Withdrawals of AION, MIR, ANC tokens will continue to be supported until 28 May 2023, giving users time to withdraw them and send them to a crypto wallet such as Ledger Nano X, or to a crypto exchange where they are still listed as Kucoin.

Traders using these cryptocurrencies in automated trading strategies with crypto bots similar to Kryll should also take the necessary steps before these tokens are removed from Binance.

As a result of Binance’s decision, the prices of AION, MIR, ANC cryptocurrencies are expected to be greatly affected by this bad news.

Focus on the price of crypto Aion (AION)

Aion is $0.000000 (0.00%) above its 30-day low of $0.027096708, while it is -$0.029372 (-52.01%) below its 30-day high of $0.05646874. In addition, AION’s current price of $0.027096708 is below its 30-day moving average price of $0.036987153, leading to a weak short-term technical score.

Overall, Aion’s recent trading history suggests that investors are currently bearish on the coin. AION has an average market capitalization compared to most coins with a total market value of $13,589,136.77.

The market valuation of Aion is relatively average because of the 100 largest cryptocurrencies with a market capitalization above $1 billion, and AION is below that threshold but remains above $100 million in market capitalization.


Aion’s average volume is within the average range, as $36,738,624.65 worth of the coin is generally traded over a 24-hour period. AION’s volume is also relatively average since the 100 most traded cryptocurrencies have about $100 million traded in a 24-hour period and much of the market trades at least $5 million each day.

In the last 24 hours, AION’s volume was below its average with $13,820,065.33 traded. Hence, it can be argued without a doubt that Aion’s price movement over the past month has led to a weak short-term technical score due to recent trading that has provided more bearish signals for traders on the currency’s short-term movement.

Microsoft, AI and the top 10 crypto assets

Microsoft has made a big bet on a nascent sector, Artificial Intelligence (AI), that could shape the future of technology and the cryptocurrency industry for years to come.

The latter sector seems poised to benefit from the emerging trend and the billions flowing into its products and services. Microsoft confirmed its plan to pour millions of dollars of capital into Open AI, the company behind the popular ChatGPT program, Dalle-E and others.

Thus, the company has taken the first step in a technology race set to heat up in 2023. At the same time, in the cryptocurrency sector, several projects are looking to leverage blockchain, big data and artificial intelligence to provide new solutions.

Specifically, a study by Trading Browser revealed which projects are attracting the most attention from users. With Bitcoin’s price on the rise and a multibillion-dollar investment by Microsoft that will attract other giants, such as Google and Facebook, crypto artificial intelligence is a potential area to watch throughout the year.

According to the report, there are 10 cryptocurrencies attracting users’ attention. The first of these projects is The Graph, a Coinbase-supported project that functions as an indexing protocol for “querying networks” such as Ethereum and IPFS.

This project has seen over 8,100 monthly global Google searches and will likely experience another increase in metrics as artificial intelligence becomes a more significant trend. The Graph has partnered with Ethereum’s second-layer solution, Optimism, and the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) project Celo.

In addition to The Graph, Aion (AION) and experienced a spike in search volume. These projects recorded about 8,000 monthly searches. Metrics have also increased over the past 30 days, coinciding with Microsoft showing public interest in the field, as shown in the graph below.

During this period, AION has witnessed bullish price action similar to GRT. The token registers a 25% profit in 30 days.’s native token, FET, records a 216% increase this month alone, showing the strength of this trend and its potential to continue its rally as cryptocurrencies emerge from an extended winter.