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Decentralized Exchange Uniswap Announces Mobile Wallet Release Plans

Uniswap launches NFT aggregator

Uniswap mobile wallet

Uniswap Labs, the developer of the leading DEX (decentralized exchange) Uniswap, announced on the 3rd that it plans to release a self-managed mobile wallet.

Unlike cryptocurrency exchanges, self-managed wallets are applications in which users themselves manage their own cryptocurrency private keys.

Uniswap mobile wallet supports Ethereum (ETH), Polygon (MATIC), Arbitrum and Optimism (OP). You can check the price of crypto assets (virtual currency) on each network and use the exchange function with Uniswap. After the swap is completed, you will receive a push notification in real time.

You can also seamlessly switch between networks to connect your wallet to any app. For example, it is expected to be used to connect to Ethereum’s liquid staking “Lido”, DeFi lending on polygon “Aave”, and Arbitrum’s “Uniswap”.

Uniswap’s wallet has completed an audit by Trail of Bits, a security company founded in 2012. We ensure the highest security standards. For example, the wallet address seed phrase and private key are encrypted and stored on the device using Apple’s Secure Enclave, but excluded from device backups. In addition, it is also possible to encrypt and save on iCloud in case the smartphone is lost.

Uniswap Mobile Wallet is currently providing early access to some users through Apple’s beta app distribution tool “Test Flight”.

According to Uniswap Labs, the release was stopped by Apple in December 2022, and we have shown that we have complied with the guidelines so far and have tried to dispel any concerns, but it has been put on hold. Not yet.

In the next two weeks, we plan to distribute a test flight version of the access code to encourage more users to use the mobile wallet. Interested parties should wait for announcements on Uniswap’s Twitter and Discord.

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Apple and cryptocurrency apps

So far, Apple has adopted a policy of taxing all financial transactions through its own iOS. The US cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase’s iOS version wallet app is said to have requested a 30% fee for the network fee (gas fee) that occurs for each NFT transmission. In order to avoid the app block, Coinbase had to suspend the NFT sending function on Wallet (iOS version).

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What is UniSwap?

One of the largest DEX in the history of DeFi (decentralized finance). According to DeFillama, the total TVL (Total Locked Value) of multiple networks is about 520 billion yen ($3.9 billion as of March 3, 2023). 24-hour trading is possible because there is no central administrator. There is a mechanism called liquidity mining that allows you to receive your own token UNI as a reward by depositing your virtual currency.

UniSwap supports Ethereum, Arbitrum, Optimism, Polygon, and Cero (CELO), and in February a community vote approved deployment to the Boba Network.

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