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The developers launched the alpha version of zkSync Era on the mainnet

The Matter Labs team has launched an alpha version of the L2 scaling solution on the Ethereum mainnet – zkSync Era.

The protocol is already open to all users, they can link their wallets and make transactions. According to the developers, this is the last stage before the full launch of zkSync Era.

It is expected that in the near future from 32 to 50 projects will be integrated into the network. Among them are Balancer, Pyth Network, Mute, Redstone, Graph and Argent. Banxa, Yearn Finance, Celer, Chainlink, Aragon, Woo Network and Tracer DAO.

“This is definitely an alpha version. We do not claim that this is exactly the system that we see in a couple of years. There is still a lot of engineering work to be done. But this is the main skeleton of zkEVM, ”said in an interview. Decrypt Matter Labs head of development Anthony Rose.

To protect the protocol, the company spent $3.8 million on several smart contract audits and rewards for white hat hackers. For security reasons, at the first stages of testing, the network will add a delay to the withdrawal of funds.

The developers noted that initially the protocol will not be completely decentralized, so that the team has time to fix security issues.

“Scalability is good, the infrastructure must be there. But it needs to be accompanied by a user interface that is also scalable,” added Rose.

From the launch in November last year, as of February, the zkSync test network processed 8.8 million transactions between 497,000 active addresses. It also deployed 30,000 contracts.

EVMThe compliant protocol is based on a zero-knowledge proof and uses ZK-Rollups technology.

zkSync also provides account abstraction, which means that each address on the network is a separate smart contract.

Recall that in the first quarter of 2023, Matter Labs will launch a public test network of the third level of Pathfinder on top of Ethereum.

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