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Holding Fabric Tokyo

This time CONNECTV will deliver Chapter 3 of “Fabric Tokyo” co-hosted by CoinPost as a side event of “ETHGlobal”.

ETHGlobal is a global hackathon that has been held all over the world and continues to attract many Web3 enthusiasts. A total of more than 300 projects were born at “ETH Global Tokyo” held in Tokyo in April this year. The event contributed greatly to the development of the Web3 market and provided a glimpse into the future of the crypto industry.

connection: What is the global hackathon “ETHGlobal Tokyo”?

Similar to Fabric Tokyo, this series of events organized by Fabric Ventures has become so popular that it has been flooded with attendees in Paris. This year’s Fabric Tokyo was held in Minato-ku, Tokyo.

The theme of Chapter 3 is “Exploring the next million users”. We asked the following members to speak on this topic. Guests are asked about wallet experiences, which is considered one of the major challenges for the spread of virtual currency.

  • Bradley Loewen (CoinPost: Moderator)
  • Ric Burton (Dawn Wallet)
  • Jun Hyuk Ahn (Ledger)
  • Lauren Dutton (Consensys)
  • Gigi Cho (Houbi Ventures)
  • Richard Muirhead (Fabric Ventures)

YouTube’s automatic translation function can be used in the following way for videos in a web browser. In the YouTube app, “automatic translation” is displayed after “subtitles” in step 2.

  1. Press “Settings (gear mark)”
  2. Select “English (automatically generated)” from “Subtitles”
  3. Select “Subtitles” again, then press “Auto-translate”
  4. Select “Japanese”

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