Libertify Introduces Revolutionary AI Audit for Crypto Wealth Management

Libertify, a pioneering AI-driven platform focused on Risk Management for individual investors in the retail sector, has introduced a groundbreaking advancement in the field of crypto wealth management – the AI Audit. This revolutionary debut feature empowers every cryptocurrency enthusiast to assess and manage the risk associated with their portfolio.

In addition, users receive real-time optimization suggestions aimed at mitigating risk while maintaining optimal performance. The AI audit offered by Libertify seamlessly integrates with a variety of digital wallets, including Coinbase, Binance, MetaMask, and Ledger, encompassing over 90% of the expansive cryptocurrency market.

Steve Rosenblum, CEO of Libertify,

said: “Following the Crypto Winter and the massive crash of altcoins, time is now to learn from the past. By auditing your portfolio with AI, we provide a unique way to scan risk exposure, and define a new, efficient equilibrium to move forward with an instant optimization proposal.”

A Paradigm Shift in Crypto Risk Management

At the core of Libertify’s cryptocurrency risk management platform lies a distinctive fusion of state-of-the-art AI, neural networks, and machine learning advancements. The company is driven by the vision of forging a prosperous path forward for savings, and the launch of its service signifies the dawn of a fresh era.

In this era, AI technology relentlessly labors on behalf of users, tirelessly striving to enhance their long-term wealth. Leveraging Libertify’s AI-driven insights and suggestions, cryptocurrency investors are empowered to shield themselves against the inherent turbulence of digital tokens, fortifying their financial security.

Historically, risk management solutions have primarily been accessible to major banks and institutional investors. Meanwhile, the broader spectrum of crypto investors, spanning both novices and seasoned practitioners, has remained reliant solely on their personal judgments and analyses for significant investment determinations.

Observing how this method frequently results in illogical selections and substantial financial setbacks that can detrimentally impact individuals’ prosperity, Libertify embarked on a mission to craft a groundbreaking remedy. This solution aims to effectively confront market volatility and curtail investors’ vulnerability to risk, bridging the gap for a more secure investment landscape.


In the wake of the surge in retail participation within the crypto realm, projected to escalate from 200 million individuals in 2017 to over 1.6 billion by 2025, Libertify paves the way for universal AI technology adoption among investors. This democratization empowers all individuals with an equitable opportunity to safeguard and cultivate their wealth, all the while preserving the trajectory of their wealth-building endeavors. This transformative shift marks a pivotal moment for self-directed investors, reshaping the landscape in profound ways.

“Crypto users buy tokens based on their beliefs and hopes, often forgetting that the crypto market is a turbo of volatility. Simple and efficient, our industry-first AI risk management solution brings new hope for all self-directed investors still shocked by the last crypto crisis,” Rosenblum added. “By continuously optimizing our clients’ risk/reward ratio through AI, we make investment safer for everyone. In a challenging market environment, we help every investor stay on the right track. Our AI-driven immersive experience is designed to ignite a new era of meta banking and an unprecedented wealth tech experience.”

A Path to Excellence and Innovation

After unveiling its AI-driven risk management audit, Libertify secured victory in the esteemed Fast Track Hong-Kong FinTech In Paris competition – an illustrious yearly event spotlighting fintech and health tech startups. This triumph not only grants Libertify access to funding but also connects the company with influential mentors hailing from Hong Kong’s prominent corporate entities.

Now positioned as a contender among 11 other startups, Libertify is poised to contend for the top honors at the forthcoming Fast Track Hong-Kong FinTech grand finale scheduled for November. While initially tailored to navigate the heightened volatility of the cryptocurrency market, Libertify has charted a course to extend its AI-powered risk management solution’s reach. This expansion encompasses the incorporation of the traditional stock market, with a scheduled update slated for the third quarter of 2023.

At the forefront of risk management solutions tailored for retail investors, Libertify claims the prestigious title of being the global leader. With its innovative foundation laid by Steve Rosenblum, the visionary behind successful ventures like Pixmania, Deezer, and Molotov, LIBERTIFY stands as a pioneering force.

This platform seamlessly integrates cutting-edge artificial intelligence to deliver unparalleled portfolio management insights. Bolstered by an initial funding round of 3.5 million euros, Libertify is now rapidly accelerating the widespread deployment of its plug-and-play AI solution. The expansion encompasses not only institutional players like banks, neo banks, online brokers, and crypto exchanges but also extends its reach to the broader public.