1inch Network Announces Replacement of Public Swap API with New 1inch Developer Portal

1inch Network, a prominent decentralized exchange aggregator, has recently announced the discontinuation of its public Swap API. While discussing this in a blog post, the platform noted that it is enabling the 1inch Developer Portal. Additionally, the company stated that the closure of the public Swap API is to take place on the 11th of August. Hence, it advised the clients to subscribe to its 1inch Developer Portal. As per the company, this would guarantee matchless access to this instrument.

1inch Network Replaces Public Swap API with 1inch Developer Portal

In addition to this, it disclosed that 1inch Labs unveiled the could-based, cutting-edge Web3

Saas forum 1inch Developer Portal in July this year. It added that the respective project offers advanced APIs to the developers to develop within the DeFi sector. Moreover, the firm persuaded the developers to migrate to the latest project on the 11th of this month to maintain their access to the facilities that the public Swap API provided them.

Furthermore, the portal provides a series of other well-known APIs. 1inch Network also mentioned that this significant development permits all the consumers of 1inch API to benefit from a fully supported institutional-scale product. According to the company, the users in need of a greater number of requests per second (RPS) may receive a good plan from it.

The Latest Project Offers SaaS solutions of 1inch Network to the Developers

The platform pointed out that, apart from providing additional RPS, it also comprises extra options to improve performance and meet particular project requirements. It considers that this flexibility turns into an ideal option for developers who explore the functionality of the company. It moved on to reveal that the developers, after getting registered on its 1inch Developer Portal, will leverage the present SaaS solutions.