Crypto news: after the Bitcoin Strategy ETF, Valkyrie files new Ethereum Strategy ETF with the SEC

News: Following the success of its Bitcoin Strategy ETF, which took advantage of the surge in popularity of the world’s most important cryptocurrency, news has recently emerged that Valkyrie has now set its sights on the second largest digital asset by market capitalization: Ethereum. 

With a recent filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the company’s innovative move introduces the Valkyrie Ethereum Strategy ETF, signalling a bold step towards harnessing Ethereum’s potential and expanding the horizons of cryptocurrency-based exchange-traded funds.

News: The success of the Bitcoin Strategy ETF has led Valkyrie Funds to think about something new: the Ethereum Strategy ETF

Valkyrie Funds is a digital asset management company taking a bold step into the Ethereum arena. 

The company recently filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) a new exchange-traded fund (ETF) focused on Ethereum, specifically the nascent world of Ethereum futures contracts. 

This latest offering, called the Valkyrie Ethereum Strategy ETF, aims to provide investors with a unique opportunity for capital appreciation while navigating the evolving landscape of digital assets.

As cryptocurrencies continue to gain traction and evolve as a distinct asset class, the appeal of diversification within the cryptocurrency market is growing. 

This initiative comes on the heels of the success of Valkyrie Funds’ Bitcoin Strategy ETF and Bitcoin Miners ETF, demonstrating the company’s commitment to exploring investment opportunities in the ever-expanding cryptocurrency universe.

The Valkyrie Ethereum Strategy ETF is designed to offer investors capital appreciation through investments in exchange-traded futures contracts on Ethereum (ETH), the second largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization. 

Although the fund does not invest directly in physical ETH tokens, it strategically uses futures contracts to gain exposure to the price movements of this popular digital asset. 

In addition, the ETF aims to enhance its risk management strategy by allocating a portion of its assets to ‘collateral investments’, which include high-quality securities such as Treasury bonds and commercial paper.

The risks associated with investing in Ethereum

In its filing with the SEC, Valkyrie acknowledges the unique and substantial risks associated with investing in Ethereum and its futures contracts. 

The market for digital assets, including Ether and its derivatives, has historically been known for its significant price volatility. For this reason, the fund prospectus emphasises the possibility of substantial and unexpected drops in the value of the investment, up to and including total loss. 


This level of transparency highlights the importance of thorough due diligence and risk assessment for potential investors venturing into the Valkyrie Ethereum Strategy ETF.

The filing comes at an interesting time for the cryptocurrency space, coinciding with a number of requests for Bitcoin-focused ETFs. 

The SEC has yet to approve a direct ETF on Bitcoin that invests in the cryptocurrency itself, but has approved funds that derive their value from Bitcoin futures contracts. 

This approach has drawn criticism from some quarters, who have questioned the regulator’s cautious stance towards spot Bitcoin funds, while giving the green light to futures-based alternatives.

Crypto news: Valkyrie Funds and the Bitcoin ETF

Valkyrie Funds did not shy away from the Bitcoin challenge. The company had already entered the race for a spot Bitcoin ETF, presenting the Valkyrie Bitcoin Fund. 

This fund was meticulously designed to mirror the performance of the CME CF Bitcoin Reference Rate, New York Variant, thus offering investors exposure to the price dynamics of Bitcoin without directly owning the cryptocurrency. 

This initiative reflects the company’s commitment to navigating the regulatory landscape and providing investors with innovative ways to access the cryptocurrency market.

Furthermore, Valkyrie’s foresight extends to the potential of Ethereum. The firm has already applied to integrate Ethereum futures within its existing Bitcoin futures fund, an indication of its proactive approach to diversifying its investment offering to include a broader range of digital assets.

Final Conclusions

In summary, Valkyrie’s recent filing for the Valkyrie Ethereum Strategy ETF highlights the evolving nature of cryptocurrency investing. As the digital asset market continues to mature, investors are looking for ways to exploit its potential while mitigating the inherent risks. 

The fund’s focus on Ethereum futures contracts and collateral investments demonstrates an innovative approach to capitalising on opportunities in the cryptocurrency space. However, it is imperative that potential investors recognise the volatility and risks associated with these new investment vehicles.

As regulatory discussions continue to shape the cryptocurrency investment landscape, the presentation of the Valkyrie Ethereum Strategy ETF exemplifies a forward-looking approach on the part of a digital asset management firm. 

While the ETF can offer investors a unique way to track the price movements of Ethereum, it serves as a reminder that thorough research and a deep understanding of the market are crucial when exploring the ever-changing world of digital assets.