to Facilitate Seamless EFI to ENJ Transition on Enjin Blockchain has approved to support Enjin’s debut. Efinity Tokens (EFI) to Enjin Coin transformation will be easy now. This crypto business change gives clients additional perks. Substrate-based Enjin blockchain will replace ERC-20 as Enjin Coin’s future platform. To speed up this switchover, will discontinue facilitating EFI and ENJ deposits, withdrawals, and transactions on September 11. The migration disables several functionalities momentarily. Temporarily to Suspend EFI and ENJ Transactions on September 11

EFI tokens owned by clients will be converted into ENJ tokens during the changeover. This transfer will trade four EFI tokens for one ENJ token at 4:1. The conversion process will depend on qualifying users’ Crypto Wallets and Spot Wallets on Exchange at delisting.

The App will cease EFI and ENJ deposits, withdrawals, and trades at 02:00 UTC on September 11. After this period, all EFI and ENJ Target Price Orders and Recurring Buys will be automatically terminated.


The Exchange will temporarily stop EFI and ENJ deposits, withdrawals, and trading at 3:00 UTC on September 11. All EFI and ENJ Spot trading orders will be canceled after the date. users should await ENJ deposit and withdrawal announcements. Cronos deposits and withdrawals will stop on September 11th when EFI is uninstalled. Allow adequate time for EFI deposits and withdrawals before delisting. Offers Solution for Cronos Network EFI Holders After September 11

Cronos network customers with EFI balances after September 11 have a fix. cannot control occurrences that cause retrieval costs for EFI or ENJ token deposits after September 11th. In some circumstances, token recovery is impossible.

Enjin blockchain compatibility allows users to smoothly integrate into the ecosystem. ENJ deposit and withdrawal services will be announced. Transactions should be planned to prevent expenses and issues.