Bitget: the crypto-exchange’s August report amid new programs and security

Bitget, the popular copy-trading crypto-exchange, has released its August report, detailing its initiatives for the month, updates, partnerships, and new products. 

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Taking center stage are the Blockchain4Youth Builders program and updated KYC requirements. 

Bitget: the crypto-exchange talks about Blockchain4Youth Builders and KYC requirements 

The well-known crypto-exchange Bitget wanted to release its August status report, talking about its initiatives, updates, partnerships, and new products. 

Taking center stage, Bitget talks about its “Blockchain4Youthinitiative with the launch of the Builders Program. 

Basically, back last May, Bitget announced the launch of Blockchain4Youth, a new corporate social responsibility (CSR) project that aims to create a blockchain-based future, thereby inspiring young people to adopt Web3 and crypto tools. 

It is a social and educational project that, with the launch of the Builders Program, has specifically defined the landscape. Basically, Bitget‘s project aims to recruit and train more than 100 young aspiring talents in the field of crypto, blockchain, and Web3 technologies.

The goal is to provide these young people not only with comprehensive knowledge, but also with valuable industry experience. 

A second highlight of this August 2023 crypto-exchange is also the updated mandatory Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements. 

And indeed, announced in late August, the new KYC verification requirements went into effect in September, and serve to strengthen the process of identifying users so that trading is a secure environment. 

Specifically, all new users will have to complete KYC verification upon registration, while existing clients will have until 30 September to comply. 

Bitget: the crypto-exchange among initiatives, updates, partnerships, and new products August 2023

In the report, Bitget also talks about its fifth anniversary celebration with a series of events, including the King’s Cup Global Invitational (KCGI) 2023. This is a flagship trading competition with a substantial prize pool exceeding 2.65 million USDT and even a chance to win a helicopter. 

Not only that, the crypto-exchange, which has also become popular for copy-trading, also listed its various collaborations in August. One involves a partnership with CoinStats, a leader in cryptocurrency wallet monitoring, which is offering a 20% discount to Bitget users for support in fully viewing their wallets. 

Another strategic partnership sees institutional-grade digital asset data provider, CCData

In practice, institutional investors can have real-time and historical market data from trusted providers such as LSEG Data, improving the efficiency and accuracy of their trading strategies.

Not only that, Bitget has expanded its cryptocurrency offerings with the addition of 25 new coins, including AZIT, TROSS, GRIMACE, and KAT, which have been added to the liquidity provider (LP) lists. 

Other notable situations for Bitget is its rebranding with the “Trade smarter” philosophy, emphasizing innovation and user empowerment through intuitive tools. 

ETH staking on Bitget Wallet

Among the very recent innovations is Bitget Wallet‘s (formerly BitKeep) introduction of Ethereum (ETH) staking, with returns of up to 10% during subsidy periods. 

This feature leverages the protocol, and is distinguished by its user-friendly interface, complete with no minimum deposit requirement for ETH and earnings in ETH instead of USDT.

Through the process of ETH staking, Bitget Wallet users will be able to actively contribute to the security and decentralization of the Ethereum network and earn attractive rewards.