FORE Forms Strategic Partnership with GotBit to Boost FORE Token Adoption

In a resounding declaration of their commitment to accelerating the adoption of FORE Predict, the FORE token, and the overarching FORE ecosystem, FORE is poised to launch its mainnet with a resolute focus on market making strategies. Recognizing the pivotal role played by the FORE token as the native utility token underpinning the FORE Protocol, the team is diligently crafting a robust market making strategy aimed at driving widespread acceptance of their utility token.

In pursuit of this ambitious objective, FORE has entered into a strategic partnership with GotBit, a formidable presence in the world of market makers. GotBit’s credentials shine brightly, as they currently oversee an asset portfolio valued at an impressive $1.3 billion. Their clientele comprises 370 active institutional organizations, further solidifying their standing as a leading industry influencer.

Pioneering Digital Asset Operations

GotBit’s track record speaks volumes, with a history of groundbreaking achievements in digital asset operations. Their expertise has consistently propelled their business partners towards heightened levels of market activity, liquidity, and lucrative listing opportunities.

The collaboration between FORE and GotBit marks a strategic maneuver designed to stimulate the utilization of the FORE token both in the lead-up to and following the mainnet launch. This partnership promises to enhance liquidity on existing exchanges and facilitate the listing of FORE on forthcoming prestigious exchanges, the identities of which will be disclosed in due course.

GotBit’s reputation precedes them, earned through their stellar performance in delivering liquidity and market-making services to a wide spectrum of blockchain projects and digital assets.