Tapbit Cryptocurrency Trading Platform Enhances User Experience With New Features

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Tapbit, a digital cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform, has released a major update aimed at improving the user experience and expanding platform capabilities.

Key changes include optimising order types like market, limit, trigger, post-only, and taking profit/stop loss orders to accommodate diverse trading strategies. Tapbit also added new cryptocurrencies, introduced a returns simulator using historical data, enlarged its order book display, and refreshed the interface.

“We prioritise customer feedback to enhance our platform’s performance and user experience,” said Tapbit Head of Markets Zed Gary. “Every upgrade serves a unique purpose in making Tapbit more competitive.”

Founded in 2021, Tapbit has attracted over 150,000 registered users and consistently ranks top 10 in liquidity on CoinMarketCap. Its copy trading feature has facilitated over 1 million trades from 300+ traders.

Tapbit maintains a $40 million insurance fund to protect users against platform-related losses. The company states its commitment to compliance policies and continuous improvement.


  • Zora Chia
  • Director of Public Relations & Marketing at Tapbit
  • Email: zora@Tapbit.com

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