Art de Finance Secures $2.3M Deal with Shinsung Safes for Innovative Blockchain Art Vault 32

Art de Finance recently completed a $2.3 million deal with Shinsung Safes Co., Ltd., a 92-year-old safe manufacturer. Innovative blockchain technology from this alliance secures Art Vault 32. Leading South Korean safe maker Shinsung Safes supplies Citi Bank and major South Korean financial institutions. Safety and security are hallmarks of the 92-year-old company. It has ISO 9001 and Underwriters Laboratories’ highest performance testing certification.

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Shinsung Safes and Art de Finance Extend Collaboration Beyond Two Years

Shinsung Safes, a physical asset leader in South Korea, now offers luxury safe rentals and urban-style art vaults under Art Vault 32. Shinsung Safes and Art de Finance’s $2.32 million two-year arrangement comprises advice, development, and operation. In addition to technological integration, the cooperation studies blockchain technologies to broaden perspectives. The agreement also extends collaboration initiatives beyond two years.

Art de Finance provides comprehensive blockchain advice to Shinsung Safes. Technical architecture, security, and compliance planning are included. By constructing private chain operational blueprints, the coalition hopes to secure Art Vault 32. Advanced ways for creating, transferring, and monitoring RWA on the Private Blockchain are being developed. Shinsung Safes’ Art Vault uses these technologies.

This collaboration relies on intelligent contracts, which allow Art RWA NFT deal while ensuring user anonymity. Due to their collaboration, Shinsung Safes will include ADF Tokens in their Art Vault Service, boosting the ecosystem. This alliance strives to change industry norms and offer the finest art security and blockchain functionality.

Shinsung Safes and Art de Finance Transform Art Vault Service

Shinsung Safes and Art de Finance will add a Staking Module to Shinsung Vault’s subscription service for future developments. It stakes $ADF with Art de Finance’s $ADF Governance token. Vault Users, $ADF Holders, and Staking Art Collectors can subscribe.

The partnership will boost Shinsung Safes’ Art Vault service’s blockchain technology and decentralized finance, promoting blockchain-based art and money solutions. Artiste Finance also plans to grow its Real World Asset (RWA) companies. For this extension, Shinsung Safes’ Art Vault will validate rare tangible artworks using blockchain.

Art de Finance’s CEO claims the ADF Token’s partnership with a major Korean safe maker and vault service provider adds security for galleries and collectors. The alliance will change business culture and transform art, technology, and finance.