Mastering Apex Legends Crypto – A Pro-Level Guide

With the advent of Apex Legends Season 3, a whirlwind of changes has swept through the game, introducing the new Meltdown map, the formidable Charge Rifle, a revamped ranked season, and, of course, a new legend. Amidst this dynamic landscape, Apex Legends Crypto, the Surveillance Expert, emerges as a game-changer, promising to reshape the meta with his long-range surveillance drone and a devastating EMP ultimate.

As players immerse themselves in the new challenges and opportunities presented by Season 3, mastering Crypto has become a priority for both casual and professional players alike. In this guide, we will embark on a journey to unravel the intricacies of Apex Legends Crypto’s abilities and explore the strategic depth he adds to the game.

From Neurolink, his passive ability that marks enemies within a 30-meter radius, to the Surveillance Drone, a tactical marvel that offers unparalleled reconnaissance capabilities, and finally, the game-altering EMP ultimate that can disrupt and dismantle enemy squads. The objective is clear – equip players with the knowledge and insights needed to harness Crypto’s potential and secure those coveted Champion Wins.

Apex Legends Crypto Abilities

In the ever-expanding roster of Apex Legends, each legend brings a unique set of skills and abilities to the battlefield. Among these diverse characters, Crypto, the Surveillance Expert, stands out with a tactical toolkit that revolves around information gathering, strategic reconnaissance, and disruptive capabilities. Let’s delve into the core of Apex Legends Crypto’s abilities, understanding how they contribute to the overall dynamics of the game and how players can maximize their impact for a decisive advantage.

1. Neurolink (Passive)

Neurolink stands as Crypto’s formidable passive ability in Apex Legends, elevating him to the ranks of indispensable legends. This unique skill empowers him to effortlessly detect adversaries using his Surveillance Drone. Within a generous 30-meter radius of your location, foes are meticulously marked, providing invaluable information accessible to both you and your squadmates. The significance of this ability for Apex Legends Crypto extends far beyond its passive label, offering a strategic advantage that can be leveraged in various scenarios.

The multifaceted utility of Neurolink becomes apparent as it becomes a linchpin for coordinating attacks seamlessly. The marked enemies serve as beacons guiding your team, enabling you to navigate the battlefield with heightened awareness. This heightened awareness proves instrumental in scouting out potentially perilous zones, orchestrating lethal ambushes, and steering clear of ill-advised maneuvers that could jeopardize your survival prospects.

Drawing parallels with Bloodhound’s ultimate ability, Neurolink further distinguishes itself by granting the capability to see through walls. This additional layer of insight into the enemy’s positioning elevates the passive ability from merely useful to a game-changer. The ability to discern the movements of opponents through obstacles adds a strategic dimension that can be exploited to outmaneuver and outsmart adversaries.

2. Surveillance Drone (Tactical)

Crypto’s Tactical ability, the Surveillance Drone, emerges as a versatile and lethal asset in the arsenal of Apex Legends. This aerial marvel not only grants you the ability to pinpoint enemies and survey the terrain from an elevated perspective but also offers a strategic advantage by scouting out nearby areas before committing to exploration. The seamless ability to switch control between Apex Legends Crypto and his drone on the fly transforms this tactical gadget into an information powerhouse, enriching your understanding of the surroundings.

The drone’s expansive reach, covering a substantial 200 meters from Crypto’s position, encourages players to take to the skies fearlessly, initiating a comprehensive map scan for potential adversaries. Beyond its surveillance capabilities, this nimble drone serves as a multi-functional tool, allowing users to open doors, access supply bins, and even retrieve fallen teammates’ banners, enhancing its utility on the battlefield.

However, the potency of the Surveillance Drone comes with a trade-off, as its vulnerability to enemy fire imposes a considerable 40-second cooldown if it succumbs to destruction. Despite its seemingly diminutive size, dispatching the drone of Apex Legends Crypto is a relatively straightforward task, given its meager one health point. To mitigate this risk, maximizing the drone’s lifespan involves strategic flight patterns, utilizing cover, and positioning it in concealed areas to shield it from prying eyes.

3. Drone EMP (Ultimate)

Crypto’s game-changing ultimate, the Drone EMP, unleashes the full potential of his Surveillance Drone, triggering a powerful EMP blast with multifaceted effects. This extraordinary ability not only inflicts damage to enemy shields but also exerts a decelerating influence on adversaries while rendering traps inert. The strategic deployment of this ultimate can significantly tip the scales in favor of Apex Legends Crypto and his squad.

The EMP blast’s impact is particularly pronounced in densely populated areas, such as those found in Meltdown. Operating within an expansive 30-meter radius, the EMP blast has the remarkable ability to affect all players within its reach, even if they seek refuge behind walls and cover. This spatial coverage underscores its versatility, making it a potent tool for disrupting enemy strategies and gaining a crucial advantage in engagements.

To maximize the effectiveness of the Drone EMP, it is advisable to synchronize its activation with the proximity of teammates. By doing so, the combined efforts of Apex Legends Crypto and the squad can capitalize on the debilitated state of affected enemies, swiftly eliminating any threats caught within the blast’s radius. This collaborative approach transforms the ultimate into a force multiplier, amplifying its impact on the battlefield.

As the match progresses into the late-game phase, the Drone EMP’s potency intensifies. The evolving dynamics of the map compel players to converge, creating prime opportunities for Crypto to exploit enemy squads clustered together. Seizing the initiative before adversaries can engage becomes paramount, and strategic deployment of the ultimate serves as a decisive factor in securing victory.

Apex Legends Crypto Tips & Strategies

Although lacking escape or aggressive flanking abilities, Crypto surprisingly adopts a highly aggressive combat strategy. His strength lies in actively seeking out new targets for his squad ambush, making him most effective in this role. Fortunately, his Surveillance Drone makes locating nearby squads effortless. After marking potential targets using the drone/Neurolink combination, the next step is to stealthily enter the area and immobilize unsuspecting prey with his ultimate ability.

Apex Legends Crypto’s playstyle heavily relies on communication. Although the in-game ping system and the passive Neurolink provide substantial information, Crypto reaches his maximum effectiveness when coordinating plays through voice communication. Only with comprehensive communication between you and your team can you unlock Crypto’s full potential.


Upon landing on the map, prepare to deploy your drone for overhead reconnaissance while looting. This not only helps you assess the locations of nearby enemies but also alerts you to any emerging threats. Running into an area in search of a weapon only to unexpectedly encounter an enemy squad can be highly frustrating, particularly if it results in an immediate loss for your team.

Develop the routine of frequently switching between Crypto and his drone, recalling it whenever transitioning to the next area. While the 40-second cooldown may appear substantial, consistent recall and strategic placement in inconspicuous spots can enable you to go through entire games without detection. However, be mindful that piloting Crypto’s drone exposes you to enemy fire. Seek cover and minimize scanning when enemies are nearby to prevent any untimely deaths.

In critical situations demanding the retrieval of your teammates’ banners without jeopardizing your own safety, Apex Legends Crypto’s drone proves invaluable. Just dispatch your drone, position it over their death boxes, and recall it to securely acquire their banners. This tactic is especially advantageous when your allies find themselves caught outside the ring.

Some Crypto players overlook this capability, so feel free to locate a secure spot before deploying your drone to recover fallen teammates. Additionally, contemplate employing the drone to lure enemies into unfavorable situations by manipulating doors—opening and closing them. This inevitably compels inquisitive players to investigate the source of the sound, providing your team with the ideal opportunity to ambush them.

Finally, remain vigilant for any opportunities to unleash Apex Legends Crypto’s ultimate ability. For instance, when an enemy squad is attempting to escape or flank your team, deploy your EMP to immediately halt their movement. The slowing effect and shield damage typically disorient groups of enemies, providing your team with ample time to annihilate them before they can react.

This ultimate ability synergizes exceptionally well with Caustic’s Nox Gas Grenade, Bangalore’s Rolling Thunder, and Gibraltar’s Defensive Bombardment. Experiment with different legend abilities to optimize its effectiveness. When played strategically, Crypto can decisively shift the tide of even the most intense firefights in your favor, providing you and your team with crucial information to secure a Champion Victory.

Why Use Apex Legends Crypto?

Among all the Legends in the game, Crypto’s gameplay philosophy in Apex Legends adheres to the principle that “knowledge is power,” primarily due to the existence of his Surveillance Drone (Tactical). Apex Legends Crypto players are encouraged to consistently utilize their drone to survey different locations, granting solo Apex Legends enthusiasts the ability to ping important elements and identify enemies in anticipation of engagements. Those considering Crypto may find it beneficial to keep the following points in mind while playing him:

1. Embracing the Challenge of Deliberate Pace

Crypto introduces a unique challenge to players with a toolkit that naturally sets a skill ceiling, particularly due to its deliberate and unhurried approach in contrast to the game’s fast-paced dynamics. For those who find solace in a methodical and secure playstyle, Apex Legends Crypto offers a compelling challenge worth exploring. His slower pace demands a heightened awareness of positioning and planning, forcing players to think several steps ahead. Adapting to Crypto’s style requires a patient mindset, where every move is a deliberate step towards victory, emphasizing strategic thinking over quick reflexes.

2. The Essence of a Recon Legend

Being a Recon Legend heavily dependent on scouting, Crypto players must exhibit a keen eye for details in their environment. With the Drone capable of pinging crucial information through its camera, Crypto enthusiasts must display sharpness in identifying and marking relevant areas and elements, providing their team with vital intel to navigate encounters successfully. This heightened awareness extends beyond immediate threats; Apex Legends Crypto players become the architects of battlefield strategy, utilizing information to predict enemy movements and fortify their team’s positions.

3. The Art of Balancing Speed and Reconnaissance

Unlike some other Legends, Crypto players won’t consistently have the luxury of employing their Drone, especially during sporadic firefights. This necessitates Crypto enthusiasts to swiftly make decisions in the midst of diverse encounters. Whether opting to draw weapons for a quick elimination or utilizing the time to secure a superior vantage point for reconnaissance in the hot zone, Apex Legends Crypto players must master the delicate balance between speed and strategic scouting. Quick thinking becomes paramount, as they gauge the urgency of the situation and decide whether to act aggressively or fall back to gather crucial intel.


In the ever-evolving landscape of Apex Legends, each season brings forth new challenges and opportunities. Season 3 introduces Crypto, the Surveillance Expert, who promises to reshape the meta with his unique abilities. As players delve into the intricacies of Crypto’s toolkit, mastering this legend becomes essential for both casual and professional players alike. From Neurolink to the Surveillance Drone and the game-altering Drone EMP, understanding and harnessing Apex Legends Crypto’s abilities can lead to decisive victories.

Equip yourself with the knowledge presented here, experiment with Crypto’s abilities, and unleash his full potential on the battlefield. The power of information, strategic reconnaissance, and disruptive capabilities are in your hands. As you navigate through the chaos of Apex Legends Season 3, may your mastery of Crypto lead you and your squad to countless Champion Victories.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

How old is Crypto from Apex Legends?

Crypto’s age in Apex Legends is 24 years old, as indicated by information available on Please note that details about characters in Apex Legends are subject to updates and changes by the game developers, so it’s recommended to check the latest official sources for the most accurate information.

Apex Legends how to play Crypto?

To play Crypto effectively in Apex Legends, leverage his Neurolink passive ability to mark enemies within a 30-meter radius, enhancing situational awareness. Additionally, deploy the Surveillance Drone tactically to gather intel on enemy positions, scout areas, and access hard-to-reach locations. In the next step, time the strategic activation of the Drone EMP ultimate to disrupt enemy squads during engagements. Note that balancing speed and reconnaissance is key, requiring quick decision-making based on the situation.