Crypto’s Big Leap: The Must-Have New Tokens for 2024’s Bull Run

In recent weeks, investors have been encouraged by projections of a 2024 crypto bull run, with many tokens surging. Amidst this optimistic backdrop, two new projects are must-haves: Memeinator and Celestia. 

Offering unique visions and exceptional profit potential, they’re poised to capitalize on the billions flowing into the market. This article delves into these two promising projects, discussing why they’re blazing hot right now before offering price predictions for 2024’s crypto bull run.

What is Memeinator?

When it comes to meme coins this year, few have sparked as much excitement as Memeinator. In just 13 weeks, it’s raised over $2.4m in the ongoing MMTR presale. Far from the average useless meme coin, Memeinator stands by its mission to cleanse the market of its lackluster peers; derivative Dogcoin copies, Pepe, and the like.

Imagine a not-too-distant future where feeble meme coins have overrun the market, tarnishing crypto’s reputation and turning investors away in droves. Memeinator is a vigilante hero who’s traveled back to the present day to avert this dystopian future. While this scenario might sound far-fetched, it isn’t: of the 8,900 projects currently listed on CoinMarketCap, around 1,400 are meme coins. And far too many of them lack utility.

It plans to achieve its goals via the launch of one of the largest resistance movements in crypto history. Eventually, it hopes to become the cream of the meme coin crop, challenging giants like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu with a $1 billion market cap.

Memeinator’s plan for total domination

Memeinator isn’t just talk; it’s backed by action. Unlike its competitors, Memeinator focuses on injecting real utility into its ecosystem. Take, for instance, its Meme Warfare game—a virtual battleground where players embody Memeinator to eliminate rival coins in various gruesome ways. This game is dynamically fed by an AI-based Memescanner, which constantly trawls social media for bad quality meme coins, feeding them into the gameplay as characters to be destroyed.

The project’s broad appeal is undeniable, leveraging strong branding, strategic marketing, and many attractive features. Over 15% of its 1 billion tokens are earmarked for cutthroat marketing campaigns and exchange listings, with another 10%+ reserved for future development.

Post-presale, investors can look forward to an exciting NFT project and generous yields for staking MMTR tokens—a  massive 45% APY. A deflationary token-burning mechanism and massive prize competitions complement these aspects. The first prize is a journey into orbit with Virgin Galactic worth $250k

In summary, Memeinator seems to have surging popularity, a compelling vision, and a solid growth strategy. As the crypto bull run of 2024 edges closer, Memeinator’s prospects look brighter than ever.

Memeinator price forecast for 2024

Memeinator has stormed through its presale, reaching stage 10 of 20. It’s currently worth $0.0166, with the presale expected to finish at $0.0292. Analysts deem MMTR’s presale pricing exceptionally undervalued, considering its potential to transform the crypto market. 


They see Memeinator’s $1 billion market cap goal as highly achievable in 2024, particularly as the anticipated crypto bull run gains momentum. Reaching this milestone would skyrocket MMTR to $1 per token, translating to an approximate 3,300% increase from its final presale price!

What is Celestia?

Celestia is a modular consensus and data network designed for easy blockchain deployment with minimal overhead. It’s a network that addresses the scalability and stability issues typically seen in monolithic blockchains like Ethereum and Solana. By separating core blockchain functions—consensus, settlement, data availability, and execution—Celestia aims to boost blockchain efficiency, scalability, and flexibility.

This unique approach has garnered significant attention, with traders and investors quickly buying its native token, TIA. Overwhelming demand pushed TIA’s price from about $2.40 on 10th November to roughly $9.70 a month later—a 300%+ increase in a month. The excitement escalated when Polygon teased Celestia’s data availability layer integration with its Chain Development Kit (CDK) on 11th December, propelling TIA a further 19%+ from $10.36 to $12.35. 

Now ranking among the top 50 most valuable crypto projects, Celestia’s collaboration with Polygon is a highly bullish sign. This partnership, so early in its lifecycle, suggests that Celestia could continue ascending the ranks in 2024 as the crypto bull run begins.

Celestia price forecast for 2024

TIA’s recent surge likely might see a short-term cool-off, leading to a potential pullback. However, this decline could present investors with an opportune “buy the dip” moment. Looking ahead to 2024, experts anticipate TIA could reach $20 or even higher. 

While these projections may not match the explosive returns expected from MMTR, they’re still impressive for a new project like Celestia. However, how Celestia will compare to rivals like Arbitrum remains to be seen, so keep an eye out for on-chain metrics.

The top token for 2024’s crypto bull run? There’s a clear winner

Overall, both Memeinator and Celestia excel as compelling investment opportunities. However, Memeinator stands out as the best choice, particularly for those eyeing massive gains and wanting to be a part of a trailblazing community.

With its presale clock ticking, and an end in sight for Q1, 2024, investors have a real sense of urgency. Once MMTR lists on exchanges, it may take off and never look back, leaving latecomers regretting any hesitation. 

FOMO is building, and there’s likely to be a flood of investment in the final days of the presale. Investors who get in now can still see significant increases in their token value before the presale ends. For those looking to capitalize on 2024’s crypto bull run, getting in early on Memeinator could be a smart decision. Seize the opportunity before it’s too late.

To buy Memeinator (MMTR), visit the official Memeinator website.