The Future of E-Commerce is Decentralized: How YOUR Protocol is Transforming Online Shopping

E-commerce has exploded in popularity over the past decade, with global sales expected to top $8.8 trillion by 2025 according to eMarketer. However, despite this immense growth, major brands still face significant challenges when it comes to maintaining control and accuracy of their online product content.

YOUR Protocol – a revolutionary new Web3 platform designed specifically to address the needs of e-commerce brands and retailers, aims to change that. Founded by industry veterans Ted and Thijmen, YOUR is building the Web3 content layer to scale next-generation shopping experiences.

We had the opportunity to speak directly with Ted and Thijmen during a recent “Ask Me Anything” event in their community Telegram channel. They addressed a wide range of topics, including the core problems YOUR solves, upcoming plans for their native $YOUR token, and how they leverage strategic partnerships to achieve mainstream adoption. Here are the key takeaways from that conversation.

class="wp-block-heading">Complete Content Control

When asked about the biggest issue YOUR helps e-commerce companies overcome, Ted emphasized the lack of control brands currently have online:

“Major brands like Apple and Samsung face challenges in maintaining content control and accuracy on the internet. YOUR provides them with complete control, ownership, and transparency.”

By registering product content directly on the YOUR blockchain, brands can ensure their online shops only display authorized, high-quality media approved by the company. This eliminates inconsistencies and instantly boosts consumer trust.

YOUR also grants full transparency into content usage analytics. Brands can see exactly how many impressions their media receives across all integrated platforms. This double effect of both extensive product content and granular insights enable data-driven decisions to increase conversion rates and empower stores to maintain control over this content.

Rewarding Community Contributors

Thijmen elaborated on YOUR’s expansive rewards system that aims to incentivize community involvement:

“We strive for a transparent usage and earning mechanism…we are building a protocol that empowers content creators to register their content and earn from every bit of usage.”

Content creators receive $YOUR tokens each time their registered media is streamed to a shopper. This recurring payout structure represents a groundbreaking monetization model for freelancers.

But it’s not just creators who benefit financially. Node operators handle storage/delivery and also gain tokens for supporting infrastructure. Developers earn $YOUR for improving, building and maintaining technical components. Even shop owners receive cashback for driving traffic.


YOUR essentially functions as a decentralized marketplace connecting e-commerce participants through Web3. All participants have skin in the game to help push adoption.

Strategic Shopify Partnership

Ted also highlighted YOUR’s collaboration with leading online store provider Shopify, who powers over 4 million merchant websites.

The YOUR Shopify app allows shop owners to instantly integrate dynamic product content like personalized content for each unique viewer on the product page (e.g. personalization by color preference), and video. This makes listing management drastically easier while providing shoppers more visually-appealing product interactions.

Given Shopify’s expansive reach, the app partnership massively accelerates mainstream adoption across YOUR’s target e-commerce vertical. Ted even encouraged community members to spread awareness and have their favorite shops install it.

For shops operating on alternative e-commerce platforms or utilizing a custom-built system, YOUR also provides a Software Development Kit (SDK). This is a straightforward code integration that facilitates smooth streaming of product content directly to their online stores.

Token Generation Event on the Horizon

As momentum continues building, YOUR is gearing up for a high-profile token offering in early 2024. Specific details remain scarce, but we know the initial circulating supply is just 27.5 million $YOUR.

This scarcity at launch combined with blazing demand from the Shopify ecosystem could send price action parabolic right out the gate once exchange listing occurs.

Thijmen hinted that not one, but two prominent launchpads will host the public sale preceiding official launch. While he avoided naming names, expectations are that top-tier platforms will claim the honors.

A New Horizon For E-Commerce

As the token generation inches closer, now is the time to get involved with YOUR Protocol before it achieves mass adoption. The Shopify app integration grants instant utility for millions of merchants, while the rewards system incentives an explosion of user-generated content.

And with exchange listings fast approaching, those holding $YOUR tokens will be poised to ride the wave as decentralized e-commerce experiences become reality.