Dmail Network Integrates SubHub with Deri Protocol

Dmail Network is excited to integrate SubHub with the Deri Protocol. This arrangement combines Deri Protocol, a decentralized finance derivatives trading leader, and Dmail’s Web3 communication services, making it significant in DeFi. The Deri Protocol and Dmail aim to empower blockchain users.

Deri Protocol Boosts Accessibility and Usability in 2023 with Web2 Integration

Deri Protocol’s journey in 2023 was quite impressive. They introduced Deri V4, a groundbreaking project, as the first Layer 3. Derivatives trading over multiple blockchain networks improved user circumstances with pooled liquidity, faster execution, lower transaction costs, and more trading alternatives. Gamma Swap optimizes capital usage and provides Gamma exposure while earning funding fees. User experience was another Deri Protocol priority in 2023. They added Web2 for accessibility. All these adjustments increased efficiency and usability.

Deri Protocol grew greatly in 2023 in the world of Web3. Arbitrum, zkSync Era, Linea, and Scroll host their Governance DAO. They forged relations with key blockchain industry figures through strategic alliances. Referral programs, commemorative events, AMA sessions, and thrilling trading competitions were successful due to community participation. This increased user activity.

The 2023 stats show Deri Protocol’s success. Trade volume exceeded $776 million, showing the platform’s popularity. Registering over 30,000 trade addresses indicates user growth. The site burnt 7.23 million Deri tokens to show tokenomics and user value.

Deri Protocol Revolutionizes DeFi with AMM and NFT Tokenization in 2024

Deri Protocol joins the Dmail SubHub. This alliance is deliberate. SubHub grants Deri Protocol 5 million users. This channel immediately communicates updates, insights, and advances. The agreement emphasizes blockchain technology for user experience and community involvement. It provides decentralized finance trading and communication.

Looking ahead to 2024, Deri Protocol is staying true to its mission. They adapt to user needs to become DeFi derivative traders’ preferred platform. Deri Protocol trades derivatives utilizing Automated Market Maker (AMM) and NFT tokenization. Deri Protocol’s clever on-chain risk exposure trading method revolutionizes decentralized finance and boosts the blockchain sector.