Ethereum (ETH) Leads the Altcoin Rally, But Optimism (OP) and Pullix (PLX) Set To Outperform the Market

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Crypto enthusiasts and investors are hyped about 2024 being a very bullish year. With this bull market starting soon, Ethereum (ETH) has already claimed a front position, rallying when Bitcoin slides. 

However, there are two top altcoins that are set to outperform the market in 2024 – Optimism (OP) and Pullix (PLX). Read on to find out why these altcoins are set to outperform the market.

class="wp-block-heading">Ethereum (ETH) Leads the Bull Market, Crosses $2,400 

Ethereum (ETH) has picked up after the recent drop in the $2,100 support level. The price of Ethereum is up by more than 12% on the weekly chart as it rallies past $2,400. The ETH rally has been accompanied by several positive reports.

According to WuBlockchain, more than 78% of all Ethereum addresses are now in profit. In addition, there has been an acquisition spree as whales expect the price of Ethereum to continue increasing. LookOnChain reported that Justin Sun is at the heart of the acquisition.

Sun has purchased more than $143 million worth of Ethereum since January 1, as per LookOnChain. Other whales have joined the acquisitions as they expect altcoins to rally in 2024. While Ethereum has been on the upside, it is being outperformed by some top crypto coins, including Optimism.

Optimism (OP) Soars As Binance Supports Network Upgrade

The world’s biggest centralized crypto exchange, Binance, has announced that it will support the upcoming Optimism (OP) upgrade. In anticipation of this upgrade that has promised to bring increased efficiency to the Optimism crypto, the OP coin has been rallying.

The Optimism crypto has snapped its week-long downtrend, rallying by 14% to reach $3.70. This price puts OP in a good position to extend its gains. If the Optimism price reclaims the $4 resistance level, then it could rise as high as $5, making it one of the top altcoins to buy.


Pullix (PLX) To Lead the Altcoin Market in 2024

Pullx (PLX) is one of the newest platforms generating much buzz in the crypto space. PLX has been increasing, reaching $0.08 in the last week. However, analysts have predicted that this new DeFi coin could outperform the altcoin market in 2024. So, why are analysts bullish about this new coin?

Everyone is talking about Pullix a lot because they see it as a potential first look at the future of cryptocurrency exchanges. Pullix is a type of hybrid exchange that contrasts conventional ones. It implies that consumers can benefit from the advantages of both DEXs and CEXs. Because of this, Pullix is made to provide users with a trading experience that is more seamless, affordable, and secure than that of any other exchange.

Pullix has branched out into international financial markets in an effort to give its customers as many options as possible. It currently offers trading in FX, ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds), and commodities as a result. With over $6.6 trillion in daily trade volume on the forex market, PLX is a worthwhile cryptocurrency to purchase.

Pullix and PLX have a lot of space to expand because these markets offer even more liquidity than cryptocurrency exchanges. Analysts project that in 2024, Pullix’s price could rise by up to 100x due to this potential. PLX is one of the best DeFi coins to purchase as a result.

Final Thoughts

While Ethereum is currently leading the altcoin rally, Optimism (OP) and Pullix (PLX) are the two top crypto coins you should watch out for. The upgrade brings significant improvement to Optimism and provides OP with room for growth. Meanwhile, Pullix has tapped markets bigger than crypto, giving it the potential for a parabolic price rise in 2024.

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