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This week marked the approval of Bitcoin ETFs (more specifically, Bitcoin spot ETFs) in the United States. With the arrival of the long-awaited ETF, how will Bitcoin, and crypto assets in general, change? The first “10 Books to Read on the Weekend” in 2024 was also dominated by articles about Bitcoin ETFs. It’s the beginning of a year that promises big changes.

What is Bitcoin ETF?

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ETFs are a common practice in traditional finance, with trillions of dollars invested. ETFs trade on exchanges like stocks, but instead of representing ownership in a single company, ETFs represent ownership in a basket of assets. There are ETFs that track the S&P 500, bonds, commodities such as gold, and many others.

Buying ETFs is as easy as buying stocks. As a result, optimists predict a rush to invest in Bitcoin ETFs.

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Why is there so much fuss about Bitcoin ETFs? What answers does the 14.5 trillion yen gold ETF provide?

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Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs), which just received SEC approval on January 10, have been heavily promoted by those excited about opening up crypto investing to the general public. ing.

But in the world of finance, there’s always the risk that the latest thing will be a dud. Meme stocks like GameStop, AMC, and Hertz, for example, have gained a cult following during the pandemic and their stock prices have skyrocketed. However, it was only a temporary fad. …read more

Bitcoin ETFs will spark massive Bitcoin trading — the market is ready

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If the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) approves more than a dozen Bitcoin ETFs within the next few days, as expected, virtually everyone will have access to Bitcoin, whether they are familiar with crypto assets or not. (BTC) will become even easier to access, leading to a flood of investment funds into the crypto market.

That would force ETF issuers to scramble to buy tens of billions of dollars worth of Bitcoin to meet the surge in demand from citizen investors young and old. …read more

Bitcoin ETF, looking back at past history with 60+ past article titles

Many expect that the approval of Bitcoin ETFs will lead to an increase in the inflow of investment money into the crypto asset (virtual currency) market, putting upward pressure on prices. Of course, there are also those who see this as an event where people buy on rumors and sell on news.

Here, we will first start with some basic knowledge about Bitcoin ETFs, and then look back on the history of Bitcoin ETFs, focusing on past articles from CoinDesk JAPAN. …read more

Bitcoin ETF: Positive development──Bitcoin enters a new stage

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In other words, the bull case for Bitcoin ETFs boils down to “legalization.” Even before Gary Gensler, the current head of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, took office, the U.S. government had rejected ETF approvals, citing the potential for market manipulation and fraud. ETFs are a type of mutual fund, a relatively new and rapidly growing branch of traditional finance. …read more

Bitcoin ETF: Negative development – the price of losing vision

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ETFs often increase the cost of the underlying assets. This may seem like a good thing for Bitcoin holders, but it’s not so good when you consider what it means for investments as well as commodities like gold and oil. could not say it all. …read more

Cryptocurrency/Investment Situation Survey among 18-19 Year Olds: Approximately 1 in 5 People Invest: BitBank

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BitBank, which operates a crypto asset (virtual currency) exchange, is targeting 650 people aged 18 to 19 who will be able to start investing without parental consent due to the lowering of the age of adulthood in April 2022. We conducted a questionnaire survey regarding the actual state of crypto assets and investment. We have picked out some interesting items from the results announced on January 11th. …read more

7 RWA trends that will unlock the future of finance

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The past two years have presented us with unique challenges in the rapidly changing financial industry. The most notable example is inflation in the United States, which recorded an astonishing 9.1% increase in June 2022, and the US Federal Reserve (FRB) aggressively raised interest rates (which is still ongoing). . …read more

2024 will be a year of regulatory compromise

After multiple crypto asset (virtual currency) businesses went bankrupt at the end of last year, many government agencies labeled the industry as “pervasive in fraud, fraud, bankruptcy, and money laundering.” …read more

Cryptoassets will shed the stigma of the ICO boom in 2024

The initial coin offering (ICO) boom that started in 2017 has led many people to believe that crypto assets (virtual currencies) are scams. It is generally true that dubious projects were rampant during that period. But 2024 should help change that perception of the industry. …read more

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