Bitcoin (BTC) ETF Approval Rumor Spreads as SEC’s Account Get Compromised, Ethereum (ETH) Rises Amid Chaos, Meme Moguls (MGLS) is Selling Out in Ongoing Presale

There is an uproar in the crypto community lately concerning Bitcoin ETF Approval. According to Altcoin Daily, cryptocurrency prices are getting whipped around due to the current turmoil created by the fake SEC Bitcoin ETF news. Despite the whole uproar, Ethereum is still steadily rising and Meme Moguls is selling out fast, maintaining an increase in attention as a good crypto to buy.

The Reason Behind SEC’s Fake News on Approving Bitcoin (BTC) ETF

The anticipation of the Bitcoin ETF by the SEC had been foreseen to happen any moment in the Q1 of this year, when reports came out a few days ago that the process was undergoing scrutiny. Bitcoin price even recently began a bullish trend, most likely in anticipation of ETFs approval.

Moving on, just recently, the SEC’s account got compromised after which, fake news of Bitcoin ETF approval was posted on their X account. Few moments later Gary Gensler, came on X to announce that the Bitcoin ETF had not been approved as the news release is fake.

While many investors and traders are not happy about the fake news around Bitcoin, some are threatening to sue the SEC for market manipulation. Subsequently, Bitcoin price took a sharp decline today yesterday, dropping below its support level of $46.60K.

Ethereum Price Continues an Uptrend Amid The Current Turmoil Bitcoin’s Fake ETF Approval Caused

In contrast with what the majority will expect due to SEC’s unintentional market manipulation, Ethereum is still going up, gaining over over 3.20% in the last 24 hours.

Ethereum was previously trading below its support threshold of $2.24K, however, it bounced back up and has made an impressive shift from a little above $2.2k to nearing $2.4K.


Ethereum price is mostly bullish lately as holders are optimistic that the coin will keep gaining as the year closes in. Ethereum is also gaining in trading volume and market caps. Ethereum trading activity just ganied over 36% extra in the space of 24 hours, signifying Ethereum as a good crypto to buy now.

The Most Unique Meme Coing Geme, Meme Moguls (MGLS), Is Selling Out Fast

Meme Moguls is of the most recent meme coins putting up a great deal of value for crypto investors. It’s presenting a perfect opportunity for investors and traders alike to invest their meme coins and earn passively through gaming incentives, posing as the possible best crypto investment opportunity.

The Meme Moguls native token, MGLS serves as a navigator for users which they can use to engage with all that the platform has to offer. Users will be able to complete transactions and also use the MGLS to buy in-game items and join staking pools on the Meme Moguls platform.

Meme Moguls goes beyond gaming with a community-focused strategy, incorporating user-generated tournaments, one-on-one battles, and a leaderboard showcasing excellence. Climbing the ranks not only brings prestige but also unlocks opportunities to monetize trading expertise for passive income. 

The marketplace within Meme Moguls enhances trading dynamics by offering rare NFT characters. Moguls World expands the ecosystem with a metaverse for connections, token mining, participation in liquidity pools, and token staking for increased returns. Hurry up and engage in the fast selling presale, as the $MGLS token is selling for $0.0027 at the moment before it increases further. 

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