Investors and Visionaries Chart a Course for Success: VC Founders Yacht Cruise Returns to Dubai!

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After the resounding success in Singapore, the VC Founders Yacht Cruise sets sail for an even grander affair in the dazzling city of Dubai! Scheduled for the 17th of April 2024, this year’s event will take place with support and collaboration from Blockchain Life Conference and Token2049, two of the biggest conferences pushing the boundaries of innovation.

Collaborating with these major industry players promises to maximize the impact and reach of the event, uniting individuals from across the globe under one veil of success. The convergence of minds, ideas, and opportunities will create an unparalleled platform for collaboration, networking, and groundbreaking insights.

SymbionIQ Labs Ltd: Shaping the Future of Health and Fitness

Founded by Jean-Philippe DIEL in New Zealand,, SymbionIQ Labs Ltd is a trailblazer in health and fitness, harnessing the power of AI, blockchain, and 3D technologies. They are crafting an open-source digital health and fitness infrastructure, revolutionizing the way health and fitness professionals connect with and empower their clients.

Their innovative suite, including NeoTrackR™, NeoMoov™, and NeoXR™, forms the backbone of their mission: to create an interactive, decentralized health and fitness ecosystem. By pioneering this open-source platform, SymbionIQ is not just innovating in the health and fitness space; they are leading a movement towards a future where technology enhances human health and connectivity. Follow the innovation

Event Highlights:

Diverse Participation:  

Featuring founders of companies from across the globe, renowned Venture Capital firms, private funds, and Family offices.

Bitcoin Halving

Celebrate this rare occasion with Bitcoin enthusiasts and fellow HODLers and discuss its long term impacts and implications!

Powerful Speakers: 


A panel of influential speakers poised to enlighten and inspire.

Post-event Extravaganza

An unforgettable sunset party aboard an exclusive 5-star yacht.

What Awaits Guests:

  • Expect exclusive one-on-one sessions with distinguished guests fostering enduring connections and uncovering future growth opportunities. 
  • Forge robust partnerships with industry decision-makers, bypassing traditional hierarchies to engage directly with those steering the industry. 
  • Delight in a vibrant ambiance filled with mesmerizing music from a renowned DJ against the breathtaking backdrop of Dubai’s waters at sunset.

Testimonial from Previous Attendee:

There were a dizzying number of events going on at Token2049 this year, and for me, the top side event was undoubtedly the Yacht Party. It was an evening I’ll never forget. I made some great contacts as well!”  

Mr. James Croyle  

COO, Crypto Global Utd

The anticipation is palpable as the whole team gears up to transform Dubai into the nexus of innovation, connectivity, and unparalleled opportunities. This event is set to redefine industry gatherings, providing an unmissable platform for collaboration, networking, and groundbreaking insights.


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