Chiliz Partners with InfStones to Enhance Sports Fan Engagement on Blockchain

Revolutionizing Fan Engagement: Chiliz and InfStones Team Up

In an exciting turn of events for the blockchain and sports communities, Chiliz has partnered with InfStones, marking a pivotal moment for sports fan engagement. This strategic collaboration appoints InfStones as a key validator for the Chiliz Chain, promising to elevate the fan experience to new heights.

Innovating the Sports World with Blockchain

Chiliz, known for its groundbreaking efforts in marrying blockchain technology with the sports industry, has consistently led the charge in fan engagement since its launch in 2018. Its flagship platform,, has revolutionized how fans interact with their favorite teams, offering Fan Tokens for clubs like Barcelona and Manchester City. The Chiliz Chain, a cornerstone of this ecosystem, showcases Chiliz’s dedication to harnessing blockchain for a more interactive and rewarding fan experience.

A Strategic Collaboration for Enhanced Experiences

The partnership with InfStones transcends mere transaction validation. It embodies a shared vision for bridging fans and sports teams through blockchain. InfStones’s expertise in ensuring the smooth operation of fan tokens, NFTs, and decentralized applications within the Chiliz ecosystem guarantees a secure and frictionless experience for users.

Alexandre Dreyfus, CEO of Chiliz, emphasizes the significance of this collaboration, noting its role in strengthening the blockchain foundation of Chiliz and setting new benchmarks in sports and entertainment innovation.

Dr. Zhenwu Shi, CEO of InfStones, echoes this sentiment, highlighting the partnership’s contribution to unlocking blockchain’s potential in enhancing real-world sports experiences.