MultiversX Blockchain Data Integrated with Google BigQuery

MultiversX has partnered with Google BigQuery to incorporate its blockchain data into the global internet data streams. This collaboration represents a pivotal shift in the progression of digital assets, emphasizing the importance of the “read-write-own” paradigm essential for blockchain’s decentralization and industry-wide application.

Previously, blockchain information was accessible through limited block explorers and APIs, which lacked comprehensive historical data and were not suited for large-scale analysis. Google BigQuery now offers an expansive, petabyte-scale cloud data warehouse that provides extensive access to MultiversX blockchain data, alongside a pay-as-you-go pricing strategy suitable for all scales of enterprise.

Empowering Developers with In-Depth Analytics

With Google BigQuery’s incorporation of MultiversX data, developers and project managers can delve into intricate product analysis, understanding user engagement, and refining product development strategies. This tool provides immediate insights, including the latest block information, daily transactions, significant EGLD transfers, and frequently utilized smart contracts.

Lucian Mincu, Chief Information Officer of the MultiversX foundation, commends Google for addressing a substantial gap in the Web3 landscape, facilitating the creation of decentralized applications that are both powerful and user-centric.

The partnership extends beyond data integration, with Google Cloud actively participating in the MultiversX ecosystem. The synergy has spawned initiatives such as a startup accelerator, hackathons, and developmental collaborations, notably the joint appearance at GITEX Global in Dubai in 2023. The MultiversX ETL, an open-source solution, plays a crucial role by routinely extracting and loading blockchain data into Google BigQuery, ensuring consistent and up-to-date access.