BlockDAG Presale is the Best Place to Buy Crypto with 5000% Returns; Outshines Chainlink’s $18 Surge and Polygon’s Rebound

Chainlink’s LINK cryptocurrency surged to its highest level in over two years this week, owing to increased on-chain activity by dormant wallet holders. The Oracle network leader experienced significant price improvements as longstanding holders began dealing with their stored LINK stacks. Simultaneously, Polygon MATIC has demonstrated moderate price movements, with a one-month volatility of 6.32. This raises the discussion on the possibility of MTIC reaching $1 in 2024. At the same time also, BlockDAG network (BDAG) has emerged in the scene, similar in some aspects to Bitcoin and Kaspa, with a great chance to outshine both and be the best place to buy crypto.

class="wp-block-heading">Chainlink Comes Back Strong

According to blockchain intelligence firm Santiment, Chainlink recently recorded its highest rise in dormant token movements returning online. By monitoring “Age Consumed,” which increases transferred token amount by the time coins were idle, Santiment discovered a massive flood of previously dormant LINK returning to market circulation.

This tidal wave in stranded supply reactivating drove LINK prices beyond the crucial barrier around the $17 mark. By early Friday trading, LINK had risen to an intraday high of $18.13, its highest value since April 2021, when the token briefly traded above $28.

Taking the same uptrend but without any comeback, BlockDAG has also increased recently, reaching $0.0015 after trading at 0.$001 back in batch 1. This surge with the transition to batch 2 proves the possibility of BDAG to compete early in the market.

Polygon Goes for the $1 Mark

Analysts, such as Michaël van de Poppe, underline Polygon MATIC’s durability at upper period support levels, with absorbed liquidity signalling the potential for an upward rise. Despite recent underperformance, MATIC is expected to rise significantly, potentially hitting $1.25 or even 1.50, a 90% increase. Analysts predict a significant comeback for the coin and the current trend of roughly $0.79.

According to further analysts’ technical analysis of Polygon MATIC, the forecasted minimum is $1.13, with a maximum potential of $1.38. The average trade price is expected to remain around $1.16.

As MATIC aims for $1 in 2024, BDAG sets the goal for 1 cent by the end of the presale, which means x10 returns on investment for first adopters. Considering the early presale success and the quick turn to batch 2, this goal is close to being achieved.

BlockDAG Presale Shines with 5000x Potential

In tandem with the excellent performance of Chainlink and the optimistic vision of Polygon, BlockDAG will soon get in to push the optimism even higher and outshine other successes. It Draws inspiration from the achievements of predecessors like Bitcoin and Kaspa and is poised to revolutionise the crypto ecosystem with its cutting-edge Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) structure. This high technology helps BlockDAG be secure, fast, and eco-friendly. 

Like Bitcoin, BlockDAG intends to promote a vibrant ecosystem by limiting the total coin supply. This offers a regulated environment that eliminates the possibility of unrestrained inflation while providing a stable and predictable landscape for consumers and investors. The intentional strategy to limit currency supply inside the BlockDAG network will reassure users about the network’s long-term stability and durability. 


Moreover, BlockDAG has various income streams that help pile up profits. This ranges from the Mobile Mining Convenience that helps users earn daily coins through a hassle-free mobile mining app, passing by the Dedicated Miner Units that enhance profitability and the Trade Miners option post-presale to leverage the versatility of BDAG miners on third-party platforms, and ending with the Coin Investment Strategy which is always the first and last choice for all traders.

The Road Ahead

As this short expedition ends holding great projections for both LINK and MATIC, all indicators name BlockDAG the best place to buy crypto since the expectations for the new coin in 2024 are so optimistic. Early investors are reaping the first fruit of their wise choice, and the chance to join the presale is still available for those interested in making big profits, as many batches are yet to come. 

As soon as the presale ends, BDAG will be accessible on all CEX and DEX exchanges. This increased availability provides easy access and liquidity for investors seeking to connect with BDAG across several trading platforms. 

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